Through the Years

10 years ago today: Sandalwood Elementary School students pose with nurses from Franklin Square Hospital during a Back-to-School backpack giveaway. Over 500 filled backpacks were donated from the hospital (from the Avenue News of September 3, 2008)

40 years ago today: (from the Avenue News of August 31, 1978)

The Miami Beach Monitoring Committee, created the previous fall, indicated to officials that Baltimore County’s newest park facility was “working even better than expected.” Made up of residents and recreation and parks officials, the group said that Baltimore County maintained Miami beach well and met the high standards of Bowleys Quarters residents.

The Cowenton Volunteer Fire Company suffered over $25,000 in damage as torrential rains washed into the area earlier that week. Eight feet of water entered and destroyed the facility’s basement, destroying a bunk room, a recreation room, and ambulance supplies. The massive rainfall mostly affected the Middle River, Bowleys Quarters and White Marsh area, flooding homes and yards and shutting down roads.

A “Fun and Field Day” was held at Rocky Point Park to conclude a summer playground made up of eight eastern Baltimore County recreation councils. About 800 youths took part in games and contests throughout the day, including a fish rodeo.

20 years ago today: (from the Avenue News of September 3, 1998)

More than 40 volunteer firefighters and rescue personnel practiced their skills in vehicle crash-related rescues with a Rescue Training Day held at Sullivan’s Garage on Golden Ring Rd. The event allowed the firefighters to practice rescue techniques without the pressure of it being an emergency situation while letting them work with new machinery for the first time. One task involved the first responders stabilizing and securing a school bus that had toppled over.

Essex precinct police officers attempted to keep pace with an increase of frustrated callers reporting neighborhood disturbances and nuisances. Of the 70,000 calls the district received in 1997, over 49,000 of them were non-criminal disturbance calls about loud music, public drunkenness, and disorderly conduct. Officers had trouble responding to every call due to the large volume of complaints.

85% of first and second graders in Baltimore County Public Schools read above grade level, according to tests scores released by the County school system. Credit for the improvement was given to a new reading program implemented in schools and increased evaluation of individuals students needs.

Baltimore County, as part of the Eastern Blvd. Streetscape Project, proposed closing a crossover at Harrison Ave. and Eastern Blvd., citing dangerous conditions for motorists. Citizens packed into a public meeting to fiercely debate the idea. Some other suggestions included extending a left turn lane at Kingston Rd., a traffic light to Eastern Blvd., and to create a four-way signal at Kingston.

10 years ago today: (from the Avenue News of September 3, 2008)

Nurses and staff from Franklin Square Hospital joined teachers, students, and parents at Sandalwood Elementary to distribute 539 filled backpacks to local students in need during a Back to School night. This was the third year the hospital “adopted” an area school.

Construction was set to begin at the busy intersection between Middle River Rd. and Pulaski Highway. The Maryland Department of Transportation would widen roadways and create new lane configurations to alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety. The change was needed, explained MDOT, because of massive growth and development in the area putting more people on the road.

The Baltimore County Sailing Center celebrated the last day of summer with a junior regatta where sailors aged 8-17 showed off their boating skills at Rocky Point Park. The center had offered 10-week long sailing classes where campers learned about compass use, kayaking, and environmental issues while learning how to maneuver a ten-foot Hunter Xcite sailboat.

Teenagers, while unable to vote, were able to share their opinions on the 2008 presidential election at White Marsh Mall. They participated in a mock vote and were given lessons on the electoral process, the presidential candidates, and the importance of voting.

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