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40 years ago today: During a tour of the work-in-progress Franklin Square Hospital, acting Governor Blair Lee inspects construction plans for the facility, which was expected to open that October. (from the Avenue News of August 10, 1978)

40 years ago today: (from the Avenue News of August 10, 1978)

Franklin Square Hospital donated a large amount of medical equipment to a hospital in India. Through the Reverend K.S. Joseph Memorial Hospital, an area religious mission, a platform rotator, a microscope, a pediatric crib, a mattress, and a laboratory centrifuge were all donated to the in-need hospital which served over 150 children in India.

The Fire Chief of Baltimore County and the Office of Planning was analyzing seven potential locations for a new fire station in the Chase neighborhood. The new facility would bring expanded fire services to Bowleys Quarters, Oliver Beach, and Shady Oaks. A final location was to be chosen in the next three months.

Sussex Elementary School students collected 4,190 pounds of newspaper and magazines during a 4-week-long paper drive meant to raise money for a new playground, Cox’s Point Park in Essex was to hold the 7th annual Governor’s Cup Regatta where drivers from all over the county would compete in three heats, and the Stembridge Football Program got off the ground with four teams who practiced at Stemmers Run Junior High School.

30 years ago today: (from the Avenue News of August 11, 1988)

The Back River United Methodist Church celebrated the 100th anniversary of the signing of their charter with a re-enactment and special worship service. Members of the church dressed in colonial garb and displayed antiques from the church’s founding in 1888.

Baltimore County Executive Dennis F. Rasmussen provided $24,000 to fund a comprehensive analysis and reassessment of existing plans to revitalize the business district in Essex. The survey would determine what type of retail would be best for the area along with ways these new businesses could attract customers.

20 years ago today: (from the Avenue News of August 13, 1998)

Students at Chesapeake High School and Deep Creek and Middle River Middle participated in a new program called Peer Mediation. The program, which was instructed and led by students, taught teenagers how to resolve conflict and prevent an escalation to violence.

The Avenue profiled wildlife specialist and protector, John Paul Atkins, who took a humane approach to ridding the County of pests. Operating a non-profit wildlife control and rescue organization, Atkins would help relocate critters from homes, keeping the wildlife and homeowners happy.

Representatives from the Bowleys Quarters Improvement Association presented a list of safety recommendations regarding the upcoming Chesapeake AirShow to the event organizers. During the air show last year, an F-117 Stealth Fighter crashed into the Bowleys Quarters neighborhood, an incident which inspired the residents to get involved in the safety planning and precautions.

10 years ago today: (from the Avenue News of August 13, 2008)

After carbon monoxide was detected several times in the Cove Village Apartments, the Baltimore County Fire Department underwent a massive effort to educate and inform residents on CO safety. Detectors were installed inside the homes as officials believed the CO was caused by gas stoves. 18 calls for service were made from the Cove Village community in the past two-and-a-half month period.

Wilson Point Park hosted a National Night Out Event, bringing together members of the community with local first responders. The goal of the event, at the time in its 25th year, was to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness.

The Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum in Middle River observed National Aviation Day by providing visitors with museum tours and actors bringing historical aviation pioneers to life.

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