Through the Years

15 years ago today: Residents and local officials proudly waved the American flag on an I-95 overpass in order to commemorate the lives lost during 9/11 on the tragedy’s 2nd anniversary. (from the Avenue News of September 24, 2003)

30 years ago today: (from the Avenue News of September 22, 1988)

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to commemorate the opening of the new Back River Bridge, with officials saying that it would make travel much easier for Eastern Ave. motorists. The $11 million project was proposed back in 1982 after an inspection revealed that the existing 40-year-old structure was suffering from deterioration. The bridge was to be completed by December of that year.

The Middleborough Volunteer Fire Company was awarded over $21,000 for energy conservation improvements at its station. With these funds, insulated bay doors would be installed and a furnace would be replaced with an air-over-water heating system. To receive the money, the station had to prove they were devoted to saving energy by joining a fuel co-op and switching to energy efficient lighting.

25 years ago today: (from the Avenue News of September 16, 1993)

Construction began on a major recycling project in east Baltimore County. The construction of a new soil remediation place would keep contaminated soils out of landfills. The new building was expected to clean and recycle 250,000 tons of soil annually, making it the largest facility of its kind on the east coast.

Total crime in Baltimore County decreased 6.5% during the first half of 1993 compared to the same period in 1992, with serious offenses falling 5.6%, Essex police officers took a trip to the Baltimore Zoo with children from the Village of Tall Trees as part of the precinct’s Police Atheltic League, and a new club was created to bring the Maryland Governor’s Cup powerboat races back to Cox’s Point Park.

20 years ago today: (from the Avenue News of September 23, 1998)

Chesapeake High School implemented a new horticulture program geared for students with emotional issues. The goal of the course was to teach basic nursery and landscaping techniques such as bulb planting and plant propagation. One of their first projects was building a fence at the school that would allow them to create an outdoor nursery.

Baltimore County Executive C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger visited the Middle River Volunteer Ambulance Rescue Company to announce that career firefighters could once again be a part of volunteer fire companies. Baltimore County lifted the prohibition of volunteering in order to help reduce workloads for volunteers and allow career firefighters a chance to contribute.

Approximately 40,000 feet of Hart-Miller island shoreline was to be restored after the County awarded a contract to provide erosion control. The restoration would include 15 stone breakwaters about 90-100 feet apart in order to minimize the impact for boaters who use the beach. Another 30,000 cubic yards of sand would be added along with 1,100 feet of stone revetment along the northeast side.

The Middle River Volunteer Ambulance Co. celebrated 50 years in service, the 9th Annual Chesapeake Air Show took to the skies at Martin Airport in Middle River, and an open house was held at the old Martin Blvd. Elementary School to celebrate its history and memories before the new facility opened in 1999.

15 years ago today: (from the Avenue News of September 24, 2003)

Devastation reigned after Hurricane Isabel ravaged the area. Water from Martin’s Lagoon swept over Wilson Pt. and stranded residents in their homes, more than three-quarters of Baltimore County residents were left without electricity following downed power lines, and over 326 local homes were destroyed. Eastern Technical High School and Stemmers Run Middle were turned into temporary emergency shelters for families displaced during the storm. Governor Robert L. Ehrlich wrote a letter to President George W. Bush requesting the area to be designated a disaster area.

In order to honor the victims of 9/11, employees of Lockheed Martin formed an assembly line to put together care packages for patients at the Baltimore Veterans Affair Medical Center. Over 200 packages were assembled.

To celebrate its grand opening, the new Carrol Island Wal-Mart presented 20 local schools, such as Chesapeake High and Seneca Elementary, and non-profits with donations totaling $16,000.

The community celebrated Essex Day 2003. That year’s festivities were dedicated to the men and women of the National Guard. Guest speaker Governor Ehrlich commended the people of Essex for their community spirit and resilience following the effects of Hurricane Isabel.

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