The start of the long-delayed 2020 fall sports season is scheduled for this weekend — provided, of course, it isn’t delayed by a reminder its still winter.

Practices are to begin on Saturday, but storms are forecast for Thursday through Saturday.

“Barring weather, we ae good to go on Saturday,” Eastern Tech athletic director David Deutsch said.

A short delay might help some schools.

“Numbers are low, with physicals the main holdup,” Chesapeake athletic director Shaun Downy said.

Schedules for the abbreviated fall season have been released. Foot ball begins the weekend of March 5-6, field hockey on March 8, and soccer, and volleyball on March 9.

Schools will be divided into pods of four, with “Pod champions” determined by the best record against the schools in your pod.

Football will play a six-game season, while the other sports play seven games. There will be no state playoffs or other postseason.

Kenwood and Chesapeake share a pod with Dundalk and Patapsco. Eastern Tech is in a pod with Sparrows Point, Perry Hall and Catonsville.

The football season starts with Chesapeake at Dundalk, Kenwood hosting Patapsco and Eastern Tech at Catonsville.

In the second game, Eastern Tech hosts Sparrows Point and Kenwood hosts Chesapeake.

The third game sees Eastern Tech at Perry Hall, Chesapeake hosting Patapsco and Kenwood hosting Dundalk.

Eastern Tech hosts Franklin, plays at Dulaney and and hosts Towson in its last three games. Kenwood plays at Western Tech, at Milford Mill and at Lansdowne in its final three games, while Chesapeake is at Lansdowne, hosts Woodlawn and hosts Western Tech.

The other sports play the same teams as their respective football teams in the same order (with variance for location).

Field hockey, due to several schools not having teams (including Chesapeake), has a slightly different schedule.

Eastern Tech still plays Catonsville, Sparrows Point, Perry Hall, Franklin, Dulaney, Towson and Hereford, starting with Catonsville on March 8.

Kenwood begins March 8 against Patapsco, and also plays Lansdowne, Patapsco (again), Lansdowne (again), Patapsco (a third time), Lansdowne (a third time) and and has three byes.

Eastern Tech has no byes.

The Mavericks’ badminton team has a bye in the second week of the season, while Kenwood’s teams has byes in the second and fifth games of the season.

The Bluebirds’ volleyball team has a bye in the second game of the season.

County cross country teams will each have five dual meets.

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