DUNDALK — Two years ago, Andrew Cantor finished third in the Heritage Fourth f July 6k run. Last year, Cantor finished second in the annual July 4 race.

Cantor again competed in the July 4 6k last week. And the progression continued, as he easily cruised to the overall individual championship by nearly a two-minute margin.

Cantor won the race with a time of 21:16. Dylan Ackerman took second in 22:57.6.

Meaghan Murray took the women’s title for the second year. She finished sixth overall with a time of 23:29.7.

Cantor took second behind his roommate, Drew Landgren, last year. In 2017, Landgren finished second while Cantor took third.

Landgren did not enter the Heritage 6k this year.

“I just went out and focused on running a consistent race,” Cantor said. “Knowing it was a flat course, I just kept grinding and focused on running my own race.”

Cantor pulled away from the pack at the start and ran the majority of the race by himself.

Well, himself and the hundreds of people gathered along the side of the course waiting for the start of the parade.

“There’s a little bit of a downhill at the start of the race [when the runners leave CCBC Dundalk and head down Sollers Point Road toward Dunmanway],” Cantor said. “I took it a little slow. It’s too easy to go downhill too hard. And you’ll really pay for it in the second and third mile. The crowd support is absolutely nice.”

It also helps keep a runner pushing hard when there isn’t anyone else close.

“When the going gets rough, it’s great to have people cheering you on, pushing you,” said Cantor, a Frederick County native who now lives in Canton.

Murray finished seventh overall last year, so she’s working on a bit of a progression on her own.

She was actually in fifth place overall last week before being caught in the last 10 yards.

Murray won the women’s race by a wide margin over Katie Brooks, with a time of 23:29.7 to 25:15.2 for Brooks (10th overall).

Despite winning the Dundalk July 4 6k in her race debut last season, the experience with the course did help Murray this year.

“When you get to mile three in a 5k race, it’s almost over,” Murray said. “In a 6k, you know there’s still nearly a mile to go.”

Murray entered last year’s July 4 6k because “we were just looking for a race, and it was only a 10-minute drive to get here, which was nice,” Murray said.

While no one was close to Cantor, Murray finished about 32 seconds behind runner-up Ackerman.

The race was shorter than to what Murray is accustomed.

“I prefer to run marathons,” she said. “This short stuff is tough for me.”

Murray, 31, has finished 14 marathons. Also a Canton resident, she grew up in northern Baltimore County.

Tim Skarda finished third overall in 23:05.5, with Chad Boyle (23:24.5) taking fourth and Caden Devalle (23:27.9) finishing fifth.

Rounding out the top 10, Aman Tripathi (23:38.8) was seventh and recent Dundalk High graduate Bradley Allen (24:21.7) was eighth. Omar Lopez (25:01.9) finished ninth.

Kately Whittaker (29:22.5) was the third-place woman, and 22nd overall. Stacey Dawes (30:25.9) was the fourth woman to finish (27th overall) and Lena Hershkovitz (32:03.8) was the fifth-place women (36th overall.

There were 214 official finishers in the race, up from 205 last year and 202 the year before.

Proceeds from the race benefit the Heritage Association of Dundalk.

Age Group winners

{pre}Male 1 — 12: Christian Cosentini, 9, 31:30.0; Female 1 — 12: Isabella McLaughlin, 11, 43:22.6; Male 13 — 19: Dylan Ackerman, 16, 22:58.7; Female 13 — 19: Lydia Morris, 17, 40:28.1; Male 20 — 29: Tim Skarda, 28, 23:05.9; Female 20 — 29: Katie Brookes, 27, 25:16.0; Male 30 — 39: Robbe Reddinger, 37, 27:50.3;

Female 30 — 39: Lena Hershkovitz, 38, 32:06.2; Male 40 — 49: Chad Boyle, 43, 23:24.8; Female 40 — 49: Stacey Dawes, 46, 30:28.1; Male 50 — 59: Steve Tauber, 55, 25:18.2; Female 50 — 59: Michelle Barrick, 55, 32:22.6; Male 60 — 99: Jeffrey Atkinson, 60, 28:10.1; Female 60 — 99: Patricia Quintero, 61, 38:40.4.

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