Bayhawks spring 1-3-1 press on Patriots, rally for win.

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The Chesapeake boys basketball team trailed host Patapsco by six points two minutes into the fourth quarter when Bayhawk coach Keven Solomon decided it was time to play his trump card.

The Bayhawks sprung a 1-3-1 press on the Patriots, outscoring Patapsco 23-6 the rest of the way to win 52-41.

Chesapeake ended the game with a 12-0 rn over the last two minute with Patapsco leading 41-40.

“The 1-3-1 ate them up,” Solomon said. “I was saving it for the fourth quarter, if the game was close, and it came in handy.”

The Bayhawks first scored nine unanswered points to turn a 35-29 deficit into a 38-35 lead. The press produced two steals and forced another turnover during the surge.

Two more steals aided the closing run, during which Chesapeake scored on five consecutive possessions.

Maurice Brown had two layups and a three-pointer over Chesapeake’s last 14 points and finished with nine points — all in the fourth quarter. Joe Venable scored eight points in the fourth quarter and finished with 13.

Jared Pack, the Bayhawks’ only returning starter from last season’s 16-4 team, carried Chesapeake most of the way with 18 points.

The Bayhawks were using a 2-2-1 press, and “we saw that they struggled with it,” Solomon said. “They barely handled the 2-2-1, so when we put someone on the ballhandler, it was a whole new ballgame.”

For most of the game, it appeared the Patriots would extend their surprising start to 3-1 while dropping Chesapeake to 1-2.

The lead changed hands seven times, with five ties, in the first half. Patapsco, however, looked ready to assert itself n the third quarter.

Two three-pointers and a pair of free throws by Patapsco gave the Patriots a 31-25 lead midway through the third quarter.

The Bayhawks scored only fourth points in the quarter and trailed 33-27 entering the final eight minutes.

Still, with just returning starter, Solomon figures this to be a tough year for the Bayhawks after two seasons of high double-digit wins.

“It’s a young team,but we’re doing the right things,” he said. “We play hard. All three of our games so far have been tight, because the guys work hard.

“To be honest, if we win more than five games, I’ll be impressed. We’ve got om big boys coming up, the heavy hitters.”

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