EASTERN BALTIMORE COUNTY — Over the last weekend of the Eastern Baltimore County Over-40 baseball league regular season the regular-season champion was determined, as was which of the nine teams would not make the eight-team postseason field and who would get to be the home team in game pitting the fourth and fifth seeds.

The Astros defeated the Cubs 7-3 to earn the regular-season title and the top seed in the playoffs, meaning they get to open with the eighth-seeded Orioles, who defeated the Padres 7-5 to extend their season.

The Rays and Dodgers both won their respective regular-season finales, the Ray beating the Royals 9-0 and the Dodgers topping the Diamondbacks 14-0.

Both teams finished with 9-4 records and split their two regular-season meetings, but the Rays got the fourth seed on the basis of run differential (the Rays beat the Dodgers by three runs, the Dodgers beat the Rays by one run).

The Astros (10-2) will play the Orioles (2-12) on Sunday at the American Legion Post 38 Park. The rays and Dodgers will face off at St. Helena Park, while the Cubs (10-3) play the Diamondbacks (2-11) at Patapsco High and the third-seeded Cardinals (9-3) play the defending champion sixth-seeded Royals (6-6) at Martindale Park.

The Astros/Orioles winner advances to play the Dodgers/Rays winner, while the Cardinals/Royals winner will advance to play the Cubs/Diamondback winner, all on August 11.

The championship game is scheduled for August 19 at the Post 38 field.

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