Port Discovery hosts Noontime celebration

If you’re looking for a New Year’s Eve party that’s family-friendly and won’t keep the kiddos – or you – up past your bedtime, the Port Discovery Children’s Museum has you covered with Noontime New Year: Wish Upon A Star. Visitors will be ringing in 2020 with a countdown at noon, a juice and cookie toast and tons of magical star-themed activities throughout the day on Tuesday, December 31.

Kids of all ages will enjoy Port Discovery, featuring three floors of hands-on, interactive exhibits that encourage children to use their imaginations, ask questions, and explore how things work as they learn through play. Many of the exhibits cover real-world experiences and situations to learn skills that help them in school and life.

The New Year’s Eve celebration will kick off at 11:30 am in the Atrium with the Wishing Star Circus Show. Discover the power of wishes, and make wishes of your own on a brand new wishing star. Join characters Mr. Jupiter, DJ Jampire and Cory to help Hazel believe again in the power of wishes before the clock strikes noon.There will be plenty of wishing star-themed activities located around the Museum, including:

Red Carpet Welcome Area: Enjoy the Red Carpet Experience as you enter Port Discovery – don’t forget to stop for photos and let the paparazzi know of your biggest wishes for 2020.

You Be The Star Dress Up (10 am — 11:30 am & 2:30 pm – 5 pm): Stop by and enjoy pretend play, whether you want to be a fairy princess, an eagle or even a strawberry.

Wishing Carriage Rides: Keep your eyes and ears open for the Wishing Carriage Rides being held randomly in the afternoon. Enjoy a carriage ride throughout the Museum as you spread your wishes for 2020 with friends old and new.

Special Art Studio Activities: Get creative and stop in the Studio Workshop Party Favor Factory to make-and-take your very own party poppers and noisemakers.

More star-themed activities will be held in the Atrium from 12:15 to 2 pm:

Galaxy Tightrope: Put your balancing skills to the test and try taking a tightrope stroll through the stars.

Nebula Nursery: Nebulas are known as “star nurseries,” and in this case, a special, interactive corner specifically designed for the littlest guests! Step into this starry space filled with plushy friends, books, toys and puzzles.

Reach for the Stars Acrobat Blocks: Just like circus acrobats form human pyramids with their bodies, guests can use their engineering skills to construct whatever you can dream up with these special acrobat-shaped blocks.

Rings of Sun Fire: Inspired by performances that jump through flaming hoops at the circus, children will make their way through a course of various geometric shape while completing challenges.

Shooting Star Archery: Children and adults alike are invited to shoot star arrows onto special outer space targets.

Special guest performances throughout the day will include Gregory May as Mr. Jupiter, the ten-foot-tall ringleader of the Wishing Star Circus Countdown Show. May is a former Ringling Bros. performer. Following the Noontime Countdown, Mr. Jupiter will be roaming the Museum while he juggles, dances and jokes with guests.Eric Energy will host his coolest performance yet – Cold Science with Eric Energy at 12:30 & 1:30 pm. Eric will explore the properties of dry ice and extreme cold with this interactive performance. And Pam the Kindersinger will entertain guests with original and familiar songs, dancing, storytelling and jokes.

In addition to the fabulous New Year’s events, be sure to venture through the rest of the museum to see the standard exhibits and activities, like the SkyClimber, a four-story jungle gym and slide that helps kids build confidence, learn problem solving skills, build motor skills and have fun. The Oasis offers books, interactive toys, and educational games in this exhibit designed especially for early learners.

Wonder Widgets lets guests assemble widgets by feeding the conveyer belt with the shapes it demands, and also allows you to challenge a friend to see who can go the fastest. Tiny’s Diner is a 50’s-style diner that’s filled with fun – little learners play together and prepare pretend meals, take turns operating the cash register, serve up food and drinks and clean up. Wonders of Water features a stream table, bubble hoop, water chimes and a Plumbers Park area where you can build your own fountain.

Noontime New Year: Wish Upon A Star

Port Discovery

35 Market Place, Baltimore, MD 21202

Tuesday, December 31 from 10 am to 5 pm

Tickets: $17.95 per person. Children Under Age 1: Free

Admission to Port Discovery Children’s Museum includes entry into the Museum, exploration of all exhibits, drop-in programs and special activities. For more information, go to https://www.portdiscovery.org/.

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