February is Black History month— a month that serves as a way for us to remember all the struggles and achievements of black people both past and present.

This Black History Month, for the first time in my life, I am surrounded by more black people and people who simply have different backgrounds than me—and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

I grew up in a very white, upper middle class area where everyone looked like me, dressed like me and shared the same culture and religion as me. This type of environment was a bubble that kept me from the rest of the world and failed to teach me the importance and significance of things such as Black History Month.

Once I left for college I had the opportunity to get to know some people who where non white. I had several professors who were black, I worked with exchange students from Africa and my first boss was a black women whose guidance and support helped me become the editor of the Avenue News.

But the majority of students at the University where white. The bubble I thought I left back in my home town simply came with me to college and only slightly expanded its boundaries.

However, ever since my fiancé and I moved to Maryland and I started working in Baltimore County, I have realized that there are times when I am the only white person in a room. Being the only white person anywhere never happened to me before and now that I am living in a more diverse community and can somewhat understand briefly what it can feel like to be a minority, I really wish more people in my home town could experience a more diverse place like Baltimore County.

I truly believe living in a community with people from all different backgrounds will always be a better place to grow and learn as a person than just simply reading about other peoples culture, struggles and achievements in a text book.

As the editor of The Avenue News, I strive to use my stories as a way to represent the many different people who live in Eastern Baltimore County. Throughout the month of February, we will strive to bring new content about how people are celebrating black peoples accomplishments in our community and how they are remembering all the years of hardship black people faced throughout the entire country.

If you think we need to do a better job of reporting on a certain group of people in order to accurately reflect the diversity of the county please let us know and if you are celebrating Black History Month please reach out to us and share how you are commemorating black people in our community!

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