Dear District 6:

Last week, Governor Hogan unveiled the 2021 budget that focused on fiscal responsibility, crime control, economic development, and education.

These areas are important, and I would like to focus on how the budget will provide funds for the prevention of violent crime, particularly in the Baltimore area. As many of you know, a very high spike in violent crime has plagued our communities, most notably Baltimore City, for several years. It is one of my top priorities as your Senator to make sure our corner of the world is safe for everyone.

Governor Hogan is proposing in his budget to allocate over $400 million towards crime prevention. Most of that funding is going towards local and state police stations, youth programs, and State’s Attorney offices.

Local law enforcement and local governments have been granted a combined $113.2 million towards police aid. Over $9 million has been allocated to new police vehicles and equipment, and nearly $7 million in grants has been designated to go toward protecting witnesses, crime prevention, and prosecution of criminal offenses.

The Attorney General’s office will receive $2.6 million for additional prosecutors and support staff to litigate cases and get violent offenders off the streets. The Department of Juvenile Services will now oversee $272 million going towards youth services in local communities.

To successfully lower the crime rate in our State, we must not only have the resources to combat these acts of violence,

but we must also arrest and prosecute the criminals. This funding will hopefully work toward accomplishing these goals. Just this month in Baltimore City there were 12 shootings resulting in 10 injuries and five deaths over the course of one weekend. We have to stop this violence.

While we address these issues and many others, as always, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please contact my office at


Senator Johnny Ray Salling

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