I’m a landlord with one rental property located in Baltimore County. It seems as though all the covid relief is in favor of the tenants. No one is taking into consideration the loss that small landlords like myself are experiencing. The current covid policy for tenants is allowing them to take advantage of me and the tax payers. They are collecting government assistance (unemployment, TCA, and stimulus money.) and not paying me a dime. They can do this because they know none of the laws are being enforced.

I have had problems with my tenants not paying their rent which started back in September of 2019. They have never paid me one month without court judgement. The first failure to pay was filed back in October 2019. I’m now waiting for a court date for the 4th failure to pay rent which was filed back in February 10, 2020. My tenants currently owe me $10,500 and only have paid me through January of 2020. This clearly was an issue before covid. And now their lease is up and I still can’t get them out due to covid/CDC policies.

I’m asking the government to look at both sides not just the tenants. I cannot afford to let them live in my property any longer. I have a mortgage to pay. None of the rent money is profit to me.

I feel if the government doesn’t want to put these people out then why don’t they pay the rent? Why is it my responsibility to take care of them? And at my expense! The policy may work for those that have always paid their rent prior to covid and are making some effort to pay during their current hardships. But this isn’t my case.

I believe there is a lot of landlords out there who are being treated unfairly like myself. I’m just asking for someone to be our voice! We landlords deserve some rights too! I’m afraid of what will happen at the next court hearing. Will I ever have the right to make them leave?

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