Sports. They used to be an escape from reality. They used to be a form of escapism that celebrated collaboration among a merged family. They used to be a glimpse into how well humans could work with others of different races, upbringings, and lifestyles. They used to embody strength and unity.

This is no longer true.

Sports have taken their cue from Hollywood and elitists who believe every platform is their platform to spout their beliefs.

This has caused major professional sport leagues to lose a portion of their fans.

The NFL, MLB, and NHL were once hurt because of player lockouts and strikes. Overtime, many fans forgave the greediness of owners and players and once again found enjoyment in the games.

However, the politicized nature of sports has deadened this passion for a great number of fans.

Players kneeling during the National Anthem, the playing of the Negro National Anthem, the suspension of games or entire playoff series’ to support social justice, and the wearing of names and organizations outside of the team have been off-putting to many people.

Constantly reminding viewers of social issues does the exact opposite of providing a distraction to the real world.

I personally do not think that sport leagues will ever again flourish due to their inability to remain neutral in a polarized world.

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