We are living in critical and unprecedented times. No one expected COVID-19 nor its impact on the United States and the world. This is a pandemic not seen since the 1918-19 Spanish Flu.

Historically, whenever there has been a crisis, the American People voted to keep the incumbent President, whether a Democrat and Republican in Office.

During World War I, President Woodrow Wilson (D) was re-elected during the Great War. During the Great Depression and World War II, the American People felt confident in President Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) with his assurance and Fireside Chats. Don’t change horses in midstream was the popular slogan of that time.

FDR’s personality and relationship with Allied World Leaders gave the American People hope and inspiration during the crisis. The American People elected him four terms as President which led Congress to enact the 22nd Amendment limiting the President to two terms.

In the aftermath of the September 11th Attacks, the Global War on Terrorism, and the capture of Saddam Hussein the American People gave President George W. Bush (R) their vote of confidence re-electing him to a second term.

Which brings us to President Donald J. Trump (R). COVID-19 has been described as a war against a silent enemy and a health crisis. President Trump has been meeting with health officials and scientists regarding prevention, infection rates, and a vaccine for a cure. He has been monitoring COVID-19 and we have seen a decline in infection rates in most states around the country.

Ironically as we see a decline in COVID cases, the President and First Lady were infected with the virus. This gives President Trump better insight and understanding about the virus by using experimental drugs.

With Operation Warp Speed, the United States is getting closer and closer to a vaccine and cure for COVID-19. The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore has been one of the leading hospitals researching and developing a cure for the virus.

The Presidency is about leadership and not personality. Regardless of how one feels about President Trump personally, he has been in the leadership role during this crisis. Now is not the time to turn over the Presidency to someone else who would have to learn everything from Day One.

President Trump is the right man for our times and now is not the time to change horses in midstream.

Paul M. Blitz writes about politics and veteran issues for various publications.

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