By Del. Ric Metzgar, R-6

Del. Ric Metzgar, R-6, met with Dundalk Police Precinct 12 Commander Captain Chris Wiedeck, Assistant Precinct Commander Lieutenant Rick Hearn, members of the Baltimore County Police Vice Unit, the FBI Task Force, and concerned members of the community regarding sex trafficking and prostitution along the city-county line of Dundalk Avenue.

The meeting was held at the Dundalk Police Precinct 12 Station with peoples’ temperatures taken upon entry into the building and social distancing around the conference room.

Sex Trafficking involving minors has become a major problem in recent years. Members of the community told stories of men driving in cars, taking photographs, following teenage girls walking along Merritt Boulevard and other locations trying to get them into their cars. Community members also told stories of prostitutes hanging out at gas stations and convenience stores soliciting men along Dundalk Avenue.

Captain Wiedeck discussed that most of the prostitution is connected to drug activity to support drug habits. He encouraged people that instead of posting suspected illegal activity on Facebook; people should call 9-1-1 if they suspect any illegal activity. Taking photographs of license plates would be very helpful to police in stopping prostitution. The police are cracking down on prostitution and any information from citizens would be very helpful to the police.

These 9-1-1 calls are logged into a system to track patterns of behavior in order to make arrests. This would greatly help the police do their job in stopping crime. “I know it is a warned out phrase, but if you see something, say something”, says Captain Wiedeck.

Captain Wiedeck reminded everyone that when the COVID-19 pandemic is over the Police Community Relations Council meets on the second Monday of every month at Precinct 12, 428 Westham Way across from Oaklawn Cemetery.

Metzgar found the meeting insightful, informative, helpful in dealing with sex trafficking and prostitution and thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

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