Throughout this month, our state will be celebrating its 385th Anniversary, dating from the glorious first landing (1634) at what today is St. Mary’s County and the blessing of this land by Father Andrew White as a haven for those of various religions. It should be noted-this was the sight-of the first Catholic Mass in the Colonies, with Father Andrew White leading the service.

We, the citizens of Maryland, should celebrate this anniversary by reflecting on the history of this beautiful state called Maryland. Further, we should honor our state’s 385th Anniversary in another manner, also. In honor of our state’s 385th Anniversary, and always let us strive to make our schools the best ever and to see to it that our young people have a compassion for the traditional values of hard work, respect, and love of our state and country.

Further, let us on this state anniversary, eliminate the drunken driver from our state roads and allow the innocent to live. Let us work in some small way to eliminate poverty and human suffering and be able to accept a difference of opinion from all people. Let us register and vote and try to be good citizens, not only at election time but all the time. Let us take time to work with our young people to eliminate the use of drugs and alcohol.

Finally, the true meaning of Maryland’s Anniversary should be for citizens to work and commit themselves to help even in some small way to make Maryland a better state for all people. If we can accomplish these things, future Marylanders will remember us for all time’s sake.

-John A. Micklos, Essex

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