This month, we honor and remember the numerous contributions made by women, in their struggle for equality and human rights. Certainly, the passage of the 19th Amendment adopted in 1920 giving women the right to vote and indirectly establishing the right of women to hold public office: merits reflection. We dare not forget the monumental struggle waged by women in the 19th century, (1800’s) for their rights. That same struggle continues today in similar and yet different ways.

Further, “National Women’s History Month,” gives everyone the opportunity to examine not only the “contributions” of women but also their “concerns.” It must be stated, that numerous women today as in the past-continue to be victims of: verbal abuse, “ physical abuse” and mental abuse. We must all work to eliminate-the numerous abuses faced by women in their daily life.

Today, women have made immense gains in their struggle for equality and representation. For example, this past November, 102 women were elected to the Congress. A large number indeed.

However, we must not forget that many women still make less money than men in similar jobs. Further, women still carry the major responsibility of child rearing and housework in their daily lives. Above all, we cannot forget the many abuses-numerous women face daily.

Finally, in this new century as in the past, a new generation of women have emerged to continue the struggle for women’s equality, education and well being. A representative of this new generation: Malala Yousatzai, the youngest Nobel Prize Laureate from Pakistan continues her daily struggle; working to educate female students and others in her country and elsewhere. She has become a universal symbol in helping others; achieve-courage, dignity and understanding through education.

In closing, we dare not forget, the respect and dignity owed to all women past and present in their daily struggles to make the world a better place for all.

-John A. Micklos, Essex

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