For me, the Christmas spirit this year felt similar to that of any year in my youth. However, the movie played out much differently.

Having turned three, my son fully experienced Christmas and the holiday season for the first time. Any sense of excitement about gifts of my own was replaced with the joy of watching him open has and wearing matching family pajamas.

OK, I really do like my new coffee grinder.

Not lost on the holidays is that Robin will soon become a big brother. When we asked him many months ago what name we should chose, he was adamant that his little sister be named “Chachi.”

Baby Chachi has had a real presence throughout the holiday season and increasingly in every day. The change that will be necessary to every day family life is already present. The time I have had with Little Robin has been a real joy for our family and we look forward to bringing baby Chachi into our lives.

Becoming a parent really does change you. This year, thoughts of the future of my children have become a guiding force for me. In 2020, I hope to use each day to ensure that our children have the same freedoms and opportunities that you and I enjoyed.

The legislative session will start in the coming days. Bringing a new child into the family in the middle of a legislative session will most assuredly be tough.

However, the demands of our district, our region and our state are great. I pledge to live up to that challenge. I will deliver my 2020 legislative package very soon. Until then, best wishes of a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year for you and your family!

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