New Avenue News editor Maybelle Cass Perryman hard at work!

(Just kidding! However, I do have to give this little newspupper a special shout out for making my last month of word so enjoyable and adorable.)

For the last three years, it has been my pleasure and a joy to serve as the editor of the Avenue News. However, this week's paper will be my last. 

During the transition, the paper will be in the highly capable hands of Dundalk Eagle editor and my office bestie B. Rae Perryman. Please continue to e-mail your news, events, and everything else to editor@avenuenews.com

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how much of an asset B has been for me as a co-worker and as a community reporter. Although I will miss our afternoon Diet Coke runs and classical music jam sessions, I know the Avenue will thrive under her guidance.

The Avenue, for years, has been working with a small but mighty staff. Ace reporter Charlene Mayo and brilliant sports editor Bill Gates and I have worked to turn the Avenue into a resource that people of all ages and backgrounds could turn to when they needed everything from up-to-date breaking news, local events, sports scores, graduation announcements, birthdays, and more. Freelancers like Lisa Harlow and the late Anna Renault have years worth of contributions that have only made the paper better and stronger. I am grateful for their help and am in awe by their collective talents. 

In three years, I feel like I've covered three decades worth of stories. While we have spent tireless nights reporting on elections and scandals and County-wide news, the heart of the Avenue is local, it is about what your neighbors are up to and what's going on in your own backyards and up the street. 

The first story I ever wrote for the paper was about a new business opening on Eastern Blvd. and the final article will be about elementary school unveiling a new mural and I think that sums up my time as editor the best.

When former Dundalk Eagle editor Nicole Rodman left her position, she titled her goodbye column "This isn't goodbye; it's just ... see ya later" and this rings true for me. I'm born and raised in Essex! I'll see you all later! I'm sure you'll run into me at shopping at Geresebek's or having a fruity drink at Crazy Tuna. Essex, like community journalism, has been a constant and ever-important part of my life. A hyperlocal newspaper is an invaluable resource. With the closure of the East County Times last year, I hope that the community continues to support and read the only paper n the area, a paper I have poured my heart and soul into. 

 I thank you all for reading my words, telling me your stories, and always showing me the best eastern Baltimore County has to offer. 

-Gianna DeCarlo

(Former) Editor, The Avenue News

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