Dear District 6:

With the new year brings a new session, and I am excited and hopeful about the new changes in our State Senate. For the first time in over 30 years, we have a new Senate President, Bill Ferguson, whose district is right beside ours. We also have had many changes in our four committees. Senator Guy Guzzone is the new Chair on the Budget and Tax Committee and Senator William Smith, Jr. has been appointed as Chair of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. There are several new vice chairs as well. I am continuing to serve on the Budget and Tax Committee, however, I have moved from the Public Safety, Transportation, and Environment Subcommittee to the Health and Human Services Subcommittee.

The new decade has ushered in many continuing legislative concerns such as how to approach escalating crime, the ongoing opioid epidemic, and providing funding for the Kirwin Education Program. The Kirwin Commission has proposed a large increase of four billion dollars per year in education funding, and we must work together to find ways to finance it.

Regarding the escalating crime, we must work together to address public safety. Last year, in our own county, we had an a 85% increase on our homicide rate since 2018. In Baltimore City, the situation is even more dire, where there were 348 homicides recorded. This is the second highest number of murders ever in its history and the highest murder rate ever per capita. This makes Baltimore City one of the most dangerous cities in America, according to FBI statistics. We cannot keep going down this path. We must address this problem now. Our constituents deserve better.

I look forward to meeting the challenges ahead on and working with our new leadership to better serve and protect our citizens. While we address these issues and many others, as always, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please contact my office at

Senator Johnny Ray Salling

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