Every licensed Maryland resident will have a chance to hunt deer at North Point State Park for the first time next year.

Managed hunts are scheduled for January 24 and 25 for a total of 60 hunters that will be chosen by lottery on November 5 at 12:30 p.m.

North Point State Park is state-owned land, so the lottery is open to all eligible Maryland residents.

However, at an informational meeting held on Wednesday, September 19 at the Victory Villa Recreation Center, Del. Bob Long (R-6) said he wanted as many local hunters as possible to be a part of the drawing.

Long said he began looking into the problem last year after hearing concerns about the destruction the deer were causing in neighboring communities.

“I’ve got complaints about deer tearing up peoples’ property, their vegetable garden, their fences.”

He reached out to the Department of Natural Resources last year and they did a population survey to examine the best course of action. During this process, a woman was injured after a deer struck her car while crossing North Point Rd. in the spring. The deer crashed through the windshield and, still alive, kicked the driver, causing several serious injuries. This event, said Long, motivated him to continue pursuing the issue.

“There’s too many deer. There are no natural predators down there besides, well, humans,” said Long. “This is a new thing for North Point State Park”

He added that another survey will be taken following the hunt to determine if more action is needed.

Long added that last year the delegation passed a bill that allowed hunters to get a tax deduction if donate they donate their deer meat to the Maryland Food Back after it had been processed by a butcher.

If your name is drawn, there are several things you need to know before the hunt, explained Brian Noon, a commander at the DNR.

First, only shotguns with slugs are the only firearms allowed.

“The use of scopes is encouraged because they want one-shot, one-kill for safety reasons,” he added.

Each hunter will be allowed four antherless deer which will not count towards their yearly harvest record. One out of every 10 hunters will be chosen by drawing on the morning of the hunt to harvest one antlered deer.

Long said that the hunting will mostly take place along the south side of the park and in some of the area around Millers Island Rd.

While the park will be closed to the public during those two days, observers will be on-site to take the deer once it is downed. The deer will be gutted and hanged for when the hunters are finished.

The sites will be marked with yellow ribbon and the shooting zone will be identified with red ribbon. Hunting time is 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Those drawn will be mailed all the rules prior to the event and a safety meeting will be held on the morning of the hunt.

“There are three things you need, hunting license, managed hunt permit, and a shooter qualification card,” said Noon.

A qualification event for the latter will be held at the Notchcliff Army Guard National Guard Range for the hunting programs on December 9.

A managed hunt permit is not required to take part in the lottery but it is needed to participate in the hunt.

Forms to enter the drawing can be found in the 2018-2019 Maryland Guide to Hunting and mailed to the Gwynnbrook WMA at 3740 Gwynnbrook Ave. in Owings Mills, MD. The deadline for applications is November 2. A DNR-sanctioned meeting featuring the North Point Coordinating Council will be held on October 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the Edgemere-North Point Volunteer Fire Department.

For any other questions and/or concerns about the upcoming lottery, residents are encouraged to contact Del. Bob Long at 410-841-3458 (Annapolis office) or 410-388-1610 (District office).

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