Kimberly Klacik

BALTIMORE COUNTY—Middle River resident Kimberly Klacik has won the Republican special primary in Maryland for the congressional seat that was held by the late Elijah Cummings.

Klacik won Tuesday, February 4, in a primary with seven other Republicans on the ballot. If Klacik wins in a special general election on April 28, she will serve out the rest of Cummings’ term. Klacik would have to run for election again in November to win a full two-year term.

If Klacik wins the congressional seat in April, she would be the first Republican and women to represented the state’s 7th District, which includes Baltimore City and parts of Baltimore and Howard counties.

Klacika founded a nonprofit organization called Potential Me in 2013. The purpose of the non profit is to help women reenter the workforce and become finically independent.

“For seven plus years I have bused my butt for free to help women get employed. 200 plus women went to work thanks to volunteers with Potential Me,” Klacik said in a recent Facebook post.

Klacik has also made women’s issues a key part of her platform as a politician and said a big goal for her is to make oral contraceptives available over the counter at pharmacies in order to increase access to the medication.

“I ask, why can’t we sell birth control pills over the counter? If we take some of that money we are giving to Planned Parenthood or other organizations that push things that are more reactive plans instead of proactive plans, perhaps we can fund birth control to not just be sold but in some cases given for free,” Klacik said in a facebook video she posted last month.

Klacik’s other top issues include supporting Trump’s plan for economic revitalization— encouraging homeownership and improving oversight of federal dollars.

Klacik made her voice known on this specific issue when she posted several social media posts depicting the “trash and blight” in West Baltimore. These posts caught the attention of President Trump who then tweeted about the late Elija Cummings, calling him a “brutal bully” and called his 7th District “disgusting, rat and rodent infested.”

Klacik later said she never intended on causing a “political mess” and urged peopled to focus on addressing the problems in West Baltimore and not on President Trump’s tweets.

Klacik, who grew up in Accokeek, in Prince George’s County, currently is a Middle River resident. Kliacik said if she wins the congressional seat she will move to the 7th district even though it s not a requirement for candidates to live in the district they represent.

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