Tunstall’s book, Perfectly Imperfect

BALTIMORE COUNTY — Going back to school for some students means going back to anxiety, bullying, feeling alone or feeling depressed. Luckily, Vermell Tunstall has several books that aim to help teens with these specific problems.

Tunstall is a Baltimore local and a wife, mother, author and anti-bullying advocate. She was inspired to write about the struggles of growing up because she experienced her own personal traumas of domestic violence as a teen.

“I shared my story of how I survived to help others who are going through it,” Tunstall said. “My goal is to protect and nurture the youth in communities across America and help keep schools safe.”

Tunstall’s book, Perfectly Imperfect, is about a teenage girl who gets bullied in school, becomes anorexic, is victim to sexual assault and experiences parent absenteeism.

Tunstall said that the book, “is written in hopes to grant inspiration to those who need it and determination to those who choose to keep going. There is a way out and you are not alone.”

Recently, the writer and advocate became a co-author of a book called Girl Powered Uncensored which is also a personal growth and development book. Tunstall’s section of the book is about domestic violence.

“These books deal with self love, mental health coping mechanisms and self esteem building,” Tunstall said. “Let’s face it we all have been threw some things or know someone who has. That ties us into a broader connection and makes us responsible to make a difference.”

Tunstall plans to connect with the schools in the Dundalk and Essex areas this year to give motivational talks and discuss the issues that she focuses on in her books. You can read more about her and order her book at

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