ESSEX — Baltimore County Public School (BCPS) Superintendent Dr. Darryl Williams held his final community conversation of the semester at Chesapeake High School in Essex last week, with the hopeful outcome of achieving his mission of raising the bar, closing the gap and preparing BCPS students for the future.

After he started his new post on July 1, Williams began a 100-Day Entry Plan, which he said was guided by his personal values, background and experiences as an educator and administrator.

The entry plan was reportedly created to assist Williams with effectively listening and learning from a wide range of individuals who either work with or support the BCPS school system.

Community members, parents and BCPS staff gathered in the Chesapeake High library to listen to the new superintendent’s strategic leadership, relationship building methods, professional development ideas and voice their concerns or ideas.

For 45 minutes, the group of attendees asked questions and raised concerns primary about bullying, lack of financial support, school curriculum, educators needing time to prepare lessons and preparing future educators for the job market.

Williams said in order to appropriately implement strategic leadership, one needs to know the district’s successes and challenges while determining short and long-term actions.

“The 100-Day Entry Plan is what I am doing now,” he said.

“I’m getting feedback from the community about our system and then gathering all of this information. I’ve had our central office and principals and work groups to look at the four areas of our current blueprint and give me feedback on what’s working and what we need to change. I’m getting feedback from our communities, and then all of that will help determine our short-term goals that we can look at right now, and then those long-term goals that may be years to come.”

Williams said that after his “first round” of looking at the data provided, he still believes that BCPS “can raise the bar” and “challenge” some students.

During the conversation, Williams said he believes the school system has accomplished outstanding achievements with the methods already established, but that he wants to bring necessary changes needed to further success for students and BCPS staff. He mentioned that he has “noticed gaps” with many students who are “not mastering what they should,” and wants to know how his administration can work to close those gaps.

Ultimately, Williams said he wants to prepare BCPS students for what will happen after school, whether it’s career, military or college.

The new administrator is focused on building relationships with “key partners” in the BCPS system, including Board of Education members, cabinet staff and community leaders — whom he says will help him “bridge the gap.”

Although Williams is approaching his 100th day of being at the helm of the large county school system, he said he doesn’t plan to cease his efforts in making the school system as prosperous as it can be for students and staff.

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