Elmer Hall

Elmer Hall holds a photo and 1937 schedule of the No. 26 Red Rocket streetcar that he rode as a boy from Sparrows Point.

This coming weekend Todd’s Inheritance, located at 9000 North Point Road, will be highlighting the 26 Streetcar known as the Red Rocket, which served Sparrows Point. Hall will also speak about Sparrows Point and the Bungalows, the now-demolished neighborhood in the former Bethlehem Steel company town.

On both Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m., author and historian Elmer J. Hall will give a presentation on the infamous Red Rocket. At 1 p.m., he will provide pictures and remembrances of the mill town and the bungalows. Todd’s Inheritance officials want to invite anyone who worked, lived, worshipped or visited historic Sparrows Point to come and share their many stories.

“It was a huge part of the development of the North Point peninsula that should not be forgotten,” Carolyn Mroz, President of the Board of Todd’s Inheritance Historic Site said.

The admission fee is $10 dollars, which will include the presentations and a tour of the site.

Hall recently visited with B. Rae Perryman, editor of The Avenue News and The Dundalk Eagle, at length about the streetcar and his upcoming presentation, as well as the process of creating his books. “It’s a family affair,” he said of the analog production methods he used to layout his picture-heavy books. “My daughter has helped with every bit of it.”

Hall, a former educator, saw the need for pictorial and written histories of the former steel mill town after he witnessed its demise, and met scores of people who contributed photos and stories to his books. “We had an event,” he said of a book release. “And it really was like a homecoming. People were coming home. We just invited them to come and share their memories. People came home together to share because their former homes are no longer there.”

Mroz ask that people bring lawn chairs for the presentations, as they have limited seating. Call 443-803-0517 to inquire about additional information concerning the event.

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