Dundalk Sweet Adelines

The 2013 Sweet Adelines

The Dundalk Star-Spangled Chorus is searching for women in the Baltimore area who love to sing. Singers are invited to participate in free group vocal lessons at the chorus’s weekly rehearsal on Thursdays, August 15-29, at the North Point Government Center, 7701 Wise Avenue in Dundalk. Doors open 6:30; guests should plan to arrive no later than 7:00 p.m. to register.

Vocal training and music education are an essential part of the chorus experience. According to chorus Director Jen Williams, “Singers of all levels are welcome and we will help you find a part that fits your voice. Reading music is helpful but not required.”

As a Sweet Adelines chorus, the Dundalk Chorus specializes in four-part a cappella and barbershop harmony. The chorus performs regularly throughout the community, offering its talent for entertainment at civic events and charitable functions, in addition to promoting harmony and friendship among women. If you are a passionate singer looking for a new challenge, we’d love to sing with you!

If you would like more information about the Dundalk Star-Spangled Chorus please call Bev Bruening at 410.866.2288 or email dundalksweetadelines@gmail.com. Or learn more about the Star-Spangled Chorus at https://www.dundalksweetadelines.com/.

As a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, The Dundalk Star Spangled Chorus was formed 61 years ago for the purpose of teaching members four part harmony and appreciation of the Barbershop style, while sharing in the joy of music and supportive friendship.

We are committed to advancing the musical art form through education, competition and performance, as well as individual musical growth.

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