BALTIMORE COUNTY — County Executive Johnny Olszewski applauded the passage of Question A, which will create a Fair Election Fund in Baltimore County. The Question was put on the ballot as a result of Olszewski’s first legislative initiative upon taking office.

“The volume of one’s voice should never be dependent on the size of their pockets. The people of Baltimore County have taken a critical step to bring Baltimore County out of the shadow of Spiro Agnew and tackle the influence of big money and special interests in our local politics,” Olszewski said.

“With this fair election fund we will help empower a more diverse field of candidates, create a more level playing field, and reduce the influence of special interests in elections for generations to come.”

The passage of the Fair Election Fund fulfills a key campaign pledge of Olzewski, who has called for a public financing option for local elections.

In his first month in office, Olszewski announced a package of reforms intended to improve accountability in county government and strengthen ethical standards, including a proposed charter amendment to create a system for public financing for candidates running for county council and county executive.

In 2019 the bill passed with bipartisan support from the County Council and the charter amendment went to voters in this week’s election as Question A.

Baltimore County will now join the State of Maryland, Baltimore City, Montgomery, Howard and Prince George’s counties in offering this option to candidates.

In the coming months, the County will introduce legislation to formally establish a Citizen’s Election Fund Commission which will consider program details.

The Fair Election Fund will be in place for the 2026 General Election.

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