SPARROWS POINT — Off-shore wind energy is coming to Maryland, thanks to a partnership announced by Tradepoint Atlantic and Ørsted U.S. Offshore Wind at the former site of the historic Bethlehem Steel in Sparrows Point last week.

The collaboration will be the first-ever offshore wind energy center in Maryland. The Tuesday presser featured speeches by elected and corporate officials, including Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford, County Executive John Olszewski, Jr., District 6 leaders Sen. Johnny Ray Salling, Del. Bob Long, Del. Robin Grammer, Del. Ric Metzgar and District 7 Councilman Todd Crandell. Also in attendance were local and regional stakeholders, such as Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Vicki Young and Dundalk Renaissance Corporation’s Amy Menzer.

{span}“Never before have we celebrated the start of an offshore wind staging center in Maryland, and I can’t think of a site more perfectly suited to the task than this one,” said Lt. Gov. Rutherford of the historic Sparrows Point location. {/span}

“This is an amazing accomplishment of what Tradepoint Atlantic has done for the Sparrows Point property and the opportunity that Baltimore County and Maryland has in working with Tradepoint and Ørsted,” said Del. Pat Young, D-44B. “Making sure that offshore wind and renewable energy is a possibility, not just for here, but across the entire Eastern seaboard.”

This proclamation is the most recent major milestone in the development of Ørsted’s Skipjack offshore wind farm located 19.5 miles off the coast of Maryland, as well as the first expansion of the state’s offshore wind energy industry and workforce. The Danish corporation will lease 50 acres from Tradepoint for a staging area.

“Together with Tradepoint Atlantic, we are making history by developing the first offshore wind staging center in Maryland,” Claus Møller, Chief Operating Officer of Ørsted U.S. Offshore Wind said.

“This new center will create good-paying jobs, leverage Tradepoint Atlantic’s outstanding location and logistical assets, and put Maryland on the map as a global offshore wind industry hub. We are proud to work with Tradepoint Atlantic to make clean energy the newest chapter in the storied history of the Sparrows Point site as we pursue our vision of a world that runs entirely on green energy.”

The Ørsted staging center totals 50 acres, and includes five acres adjacent to Tradepoint’s deep water inner berth.

Ørsted will receive and load out components at the berth and have up to 45 acres designated for laydown and assembly of components destined for the project site off Maryland’s coast.

The center advances Ørsted’s commitment to create 1,400 jobs in Maryland as part of the Skipjack Wind Farm, including 913 full-time jobs during development and construction and 484 jobs during operation.

As a part of the deal, both companies are required by the state to invest a total of $39.6 million in port and infrastructure advances at Tradepoint Atlantic’s shipyard.

Ørsted’s $13 million commitment to create the new wind energy staging area is the first stage of that investment.

“Today’s announcement is tremendously exciting and important, not only for the further development of Tradepoint Atlantic and Ørsted’s Skipjack project, but for the entire clean and renewable energy sector,” Tradepoint Atlantic Chief Commercial Officer, Kerry Doyle said.

“This represents the first step of many to come in growing the offshore wind industry and Tradepoint Atlantic plans to play a major role in making sure it thrives here in Maryland. Ultimately, because of this new partnership, Tradepoint Atlantic is positioned to become the supply chain leader up and down the East Coast for offshore wind energy – supporting and creating thousands of jobs in the process. Most importantly, it will bring new manufacturing opportunities back to Sparrows Point.”

Baltimore County Executive and native Dundalkian John Olszewski, Jr., said he understood the importance of advancing Tradepoint Atlantic and described Tradepoint’s partnership as “special” to him.

“Today is special because Tradepoint Atlantic and Ørsted are helping Baltimore County become a trailblazer for the future offshore wind projects in Maryland and beyond,” he said. “It makes us the region’s logistics epicenter for offshore wind projects. That means jobs and it means innovation is coming here to Sparrows Point.”

“Never before have we celebrated the start of an offshore wind staging center in Maryland, and I can’t think of a site more perfectly suited to the task than this one,” Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford said.

“Today’s announcement puts Tradepoint Atlantic on the global map for the offshore wind energy industry. This partnership is the latest exciting chapter in the remarkable transformation of the Sparrows Point site. Governor Hogan and I have been deeply committed to working with Tradepoint Atlantic to ensure this site is just as economically dominant in the 21st century as it was in the 20th. Today’s announcement is another big step toward that goal.”

Ørsted officials thanked Maryland’s state and local leaders for their willing collaboration.

“We want to thank the State of Maryland, Baltimore County, our local elected officials, and of course Ørsted for supporting and partnering with us on this project,” said Doyle. “Without them this would not be happening.”

Doyle said that the company is not only expanding business and creating new jobs, but “expanding clean, safe and renewable energy sources” that could potentially protect the environment.

“Tradepoint Atlantic’s successes have been advanced by the unwavering support of our elected leaders.”

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