kk and evan

My fiance and I have enjoyed exploring Maryland together!

It’s that time of year when kids go back to school and families try to get back into different routines and busy schedules. Like many of the kids who are taking on new challenges in the classroom this year, I too am stepping into a role I have never held before and have much to learn as the new editor of The Avenue News!

Lucky for me, former editor and now-Executive Editor B. Rae Perryman has been an amazing teacher who has helped me get to know the area and feel ready to take on the responsibilities as an editor for this beloved community newspaper.

I recently graduated from Ohio University with a degree in journalism. I never thought I would live in Maryland, but when my fiancé landed a job here I was very excited to move and discover all that this state has to offer!

We have enjoyed the many festivals and kayak rides in Havre de Grace and enjoy hiking through the Susquehanna state park. I also am very interested in the history of Turner Station and became very excited to know that organizations like the Henrietta Lacks Legacy Group are active in this community.

I hope to work with the many organizations in the Essex area and continue to put out fantastic papers for all our loyal readers. I also am on a mission to improve our social media presence. I have started an Instagram for The Avenue News (@theanews365) and a Youtube channel for The Dundalk Eagle and The Avenue News.

We will be posting videos of events, one-on-one interviews, speeches, and much more on our social media platforms so make sure to follow! I am honored to be the editor of this paper and I am so excited for you all to see what our team of amazing journalists will produce for you.

To all the students starting a new school year I wish you the best and remember that you have a group of journalists at The Avenue News who care for your community, education and well being.

Happy Reading!

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