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My first new years in Maryland

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Our puppy Twiddle enjoyed hiking through Gunpowder State Park on New Years Day.

I hope all our readers had a wonderful holiday season and new year! This was my first new years in Maryland and my fiance and I, along with our little puppy Twiddle, decided to take advantage of the state’s First Day Hike event!

I truly feel my happiest when I am outside in nature where no loud noises or distractions can pull me away from acknowledging just how precious our planet is. So it made sense to me to spend my first day of 2020 outside at the beautiful Gunpowder State Park!

There where many other people with their own furry friends out enjoying the warm weather and scenic trails. Some people appeared to be hiking on their own while others were guided by park employees who were supplying hikers with fun facts about the hiking area.

We hiked on the Muskrat and Dogwood Trails at Gunpowder State park, which are always well kept. This makes it a lot easier for our mini dachshund to hike along with us. The Gunpowder River water was very clear and became very enticing to Twiddle who decided to drink from it during one of our stops along the trail.

The part of the park we hiked was the central area which borders the Big and Little Gunpowder Falls. It includes the historic Jerusalem Mill Village and the site of the 19th-century Joppa Iron Works where we where able to step inside to see replicas of what the mill looked like in the 19th century.

A park employee also explained to us how the mill generated power from its large wooden wheels by showing us the basement where the wheels once spun.

I look forward to exploring other trials and parks throughout Baltimore County and the entire state of Maryland. I encourage our readers to get out there and explore Maryland’s natural beauty and if anyone has any suggestions on certain trails or historic markers to visit please let me know of them by emailing me at

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