Dr. Rolland A. Pattillo and Congressman Elijah Cummings, D-3, at the Third Annual Luncheon in 2018

The Henrietta Lacks Legacy Group (HLLG) will celebrate its 4th Annual Luncheon on October 4, from noon until 2:00 p.m. at the Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center in Turner Station.

The annual luncheon raises funds for the creation of a wax figure of Henrietta Lacks and the Henrietta Lacks Scholarship Endowment at the Community College of Baltimore County. It also provides a venue to share insights on Mrs. Lacks and to honor Turner Station residents, former residents, and friends for their contributions made to the legacy of Henrietta Lacks or the historic Turner Station.

This year’s honorees include: Mrs. Consuella Evans-Smith (Women of the Year), Mr. Robert Jones (Man of the Year), Mr. William Lambert (Service Award), and Tradepoint Atlantic (Business of the Year).

The keynote speaker is Dr. Daniel L. Ford, David M. Levine Professor of Medicine and Director of the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research at the Johns Hopkins school of Medicine. The Johns Hopkins is planning new building on its campus to be named for Mrs. Lacks.

According to Servant Courtney Speed, founder and president of HLLG, “We have worked long and hard to secure a wax figure of Mrs. Lacks and to raise funds for the STEM Scholarship at CCBC, but it is gratifying work! We will continue until we’ve raised enough for the wax figure and helped to reach the $60,000 mark for the STEM Scholarship.”

Mrs. Lacks’ cells, known as the HeLa cells, have had a world-wide affect on medical advances such as the development of the polio vaccine, the HIV vaccine, gene mapping, cloning, in vitro fertilization, cancer treatments, and they were the first to go into space to determine how the human body responds in zero gravity environments.

A non-profit organization, the Henrietta Lacks Legacy Group has three annual signature programs: the Annual Luncheon, The Essay and Video Competition (open to middle and high school students across the nation), and the Annual Steelworkers Program. For more information contact Carlisa Jones at hlackslegacy@gmail.com or call 443.857.9279.

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