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Essex Trump Rally gaining more people each month

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Community members and politicians stand at Essex Park and Ride during the February Trump Rally

ESSEX— Women for Trump Baltimore held their fifth Trump Rally on Saturday, February 8, to show their support for the President and listen to local candidates who are running for congress and city council seats.

Local DJ and political activist Jackie Joyce, along with her friend, Charlotte McDade began holding up signs supporting for President Trump and waving Trump flags on Eastern Blvd. at the Essex Park and Ride back in October. Their little get-together has now grown to a large group of people and politicians who wanted to join their efforts in showing their support for the POTUS.

”It just started with me and Charlotte and we felt God wanted us to pray for the election. So I use my DJ equipment to play patriotic music and allow people to talk on a microphone,” Joyce said.

”Someone has to pick up the torch because I don’t want this corrupt government around for my children and grandchildren.”

Tim Fazenbaker was one of the congressional candidates who spoke at the rally and said he is motivated by his own children to run for Congress.

”I have four little kids in school and I’m fighting for them and for all American Kids to have a life we had growing up here. We need to challenge out-of-touch Dutch Ruppersburger who has been in office for 42 years,” Fazenbaker said.

Christopher Anderson, who was formerly running in the congressional race for District 7 and is now running for a city council seat in District 7, said he doesn’t agree with Trump’s personality but supports his policies.

”Donald Trump has done everything from prison reform to lowering unemployment to permanently funding HBCUs,” Anderson said.

”This is the kind of momentum we need as African Americans in the city and this is what we need moving forward.”

William Newton, the Second Vice-Chair of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee and currently running for a congressional seat for district 7, spoke at the rally and said he isn’t one for speeches.

”I’m long on deeds and short on words. A guy who talks too much has no deeds behind him. I work, I don’t talk,” Newton said.

Mary Phelps was one of many non-politicians at the rally who was there to inform people about the Walk Away Campaign which aims to encourage people to “walk away” from being Democrats and become Republicans.

”The main purpose of the campaign is to help people walk away from the nastiness of politics which we feel is coming from the left,” Phillips said.

Phillips said the Walk Away movement is not about getting people to vote for Trump but is about “leaving the left.”

”I’m very fond of taking hate out of politics, so that is why I support this campaign,” Phillips said.

There were other candidates who spoke at the rally, such as Michelle Andrews, who is running for a city council seat in district 6, and Derrick Gibson, who is running for Governor of New York.

Women for Trump Baltimore will hold another rally at Essex Park and Ride on Saturday, March 7.

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