BALTIMORE COUNTY — Community College of Baltimore County has partnered with the University of Baltimore to enable students to save time, money and discover a more streamlined transfer process.

The BeeLine Dual Admission program allows CCBC students who plan to earn their associate degree to apply for early admission to UB. By joining the program, students can receive benefits and services including a dedicated admission counselor, pre-transfer academic advising, access to The Bob Parsons Veteran Center and the Bogomolny Library, student benefits and discounts and more.

CCBC has also signed new articulation agreements with UB highlighting academic pathways that maximize time and money at CCBC while ensuring the smooth transfer of credits. The agreements cover a variety of majors including Law, Psychology, Business, Philosophy, Legal Studies, Politics and Government and more.

UB also offers the Bob Parsons Scholarship Fund, which covers the cost of in-state tuition and fees for qualified Pell-Eligible associate degree completers and/or military or veteran students. Learn more at www.ubalt.edu/parsons.

Finally, UB now offers multiple online degree completer programs, including a B.S. in Business Administration, B.S. in Criminal Justice and B.A. in Policy, Politics and International Affairs, allowing students who have an associate degree to complete their upper division major requirements and general education coursework completely online.

To learn more about the transfer process, please visit CCBC’s Online Transfer Center at www.ccbcmd.edu/Resources-for-Students/Online-Transfer-Center.aspx or visit www.ubalt.edu/ccbc for more information about BeeLine and transferring to UB.

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