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BALTIMORE COUNTY—Brand new to parents, well-seasoned parents or people who have young ones in their life they care for and love know that keeping kiddos entertained can be an exhausting undertaking.

Luckily parents and guardians in Baltimore County have Amy Gleason and her network, Baltimore County Moms, to turn to to get all the information about everything and anything to entertain both themselves and their kids in Baltimore County.

The Avenue News asked Gleason about Baltimore County Moms and what she hopes to accomplish for families throughout the county:

Can you tell us a little more about you and what made you create Baltimore County Moms?


When I moved to Maryland in 2016 a friend from Greenwich, CT, introduced me to The Local Moms Network which is based in Connecticut; the Baltimore County Moms is a part of that network. There wasn’t a resource like this in the area and TLMN (The Local Moms Network) felt there was a need.

This opportunity has been extremely rewarding in that I have been able to connect to the community in a way I might not have without this platform as well as increase my skillset and learn new things. I enjoy living here as Maryland has so much to offer.

I try to bring some of my explorations to the community of Baltimore County and show the great entertainment right in our backyard. I love arts and culture, theatre, great food, being outdoors and this area is an exciting place to be if you enjoy those things.

We are also close to some really remarkable cities, NYC, Washington DC, Philly, and many others. I spend a lot of time in these cities and try to share my experiences with the community of Baltimore County.

When did you start the group and did you have any help starting it? What were the early days like with this group?


As I mentioned, Baltimore County Moms is part of a larger network that is nationwide called The Local Moms Network. My website went live May 1, 2019, and I started on Instagram the beginning of 2019.

It’s a little more challenging for me because I don’t have the extensive network here in Maryland like many of the other sites have. I have lived here for 3 and a half years, I don’t have children so I am not involved in those activities but I feel I bring a different perspective and flavor to my site.

What is the mission of the group and do you feel like it is accomplishing its mission? Any room for improvement such as reaching out to certain areas that may not be aware the group exists?


The mission of Baltimore County Moms is to provide access to information about everything and anything that is Baltimore County. The goal of the site is to save moms and dads time and to become their go-to resource and connection to the county.

The site provides a lot of really great information, but there is always room to grow and improve, which is a priority for me in 2020. I would love to increase my reach to include every corner of Baltimore County and beyond. As the word gets out, more and more people are tuning in.

Have you been able to reach out to any families in the Essex, White Marsh or Middle River areas?


I try to reach every corner of Baltimore County. I have posted many events that occur in these towns. I am hopeful with the publication of this article even more residents in Essex, White Marsh, and Middle River will find out what Baltimore County Moms (BCM) is all about and will begin to follow me.

It’s really about reaching the entire area and being inclusive. I post a lot of things for Baltimore even though it technically is not part of Baltimore County. I don’t think that really matters, it’s about the information and disseminating it.

Is the group mostly consist of moms or are there dads involved with the group as well? How do you attract fathers to the group?


We do tend to attract more moms, but of course dads are welcome too. For that matter, grandparents are welcome, aunts and uncles are welcome, brothers and sisters are welcome.

It’s about being all encompassing, and I try to target everyone in the community so that this platform can be used by all county residents. I personally find a lot of fun activities around the area while I am searching for BCM.

I post a lot of recipes that I think will be of interest to others on the platform and highlight information that everyone can benefit from. You don’t have to me a mom or dad to enjoy my website or social media feed.

What are some events or activities the group has done?


To date we have not had any activities or events. It is something to consider and I would be open to the idea, but right now we don’t have anything planned.

Has anyone ever told you how the group has helped them- especially any new parents who need a support group?

That’s a great question and I would LOVE to hear from new parents on how the site has helped them. I have not yet, but I have heard from many regarding my posts on events or things to do around the area.

They are grateful I am bringing them new opportunities, places or events they may not have known about and are able to take advantage of. It’s always great to hear from my followers.

What are some plans for the future with the group?


It’s all about growing my website and social footprint. I am also looking to work with advertisers and grow the business side, as well as increase the community’s awareness about BCM. If anyone reading this would like to advertise with me, please reach out. My email is

Do people have to pay any fee to belong to the group?


There is absolutely no fee. Everything we provide to the community is free. I would love for everyone to follow me on Instagram @baltimorecountymoms and go to me website to sign up for my free newsletter. I am trying to grow both of these channels so hopefully this article will help!

Any more information you feel is important for people to know about?

The most important thing is for people to follow me on Instagram (@baltimorecountymoms) and to spread the word. Word of mouth advertising is really my best friend. If you like my site and social feed tell your friends and others in your network.

That’s how BCM is going to get bigger and better. There are so many possibilities, and I am excited to see this grow. Thank you for this opportunity – Amy (Baltimore County Moms, Instagram @baltimorecountymoms and

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