Last week, the 175th Wing of the Maryland Air National Guard, located at the Warfield Air National Guard in Middle River, hosted their 2018 Airman of the Year where they honored the educational and fitness achievements made by local members during the past year.

During the event, the 175th Wing named an outstanding Airman from six different categories. The categories were based on rank with one category for outstanding honor guard member of the year. The winners were then submitted for a national-level contest that will determine the Air National Guard Outstanding Airman of the Year.

U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. April Vogel said that she was “infinitely proud” of all the nominees during the ceremony.

“Today, we recognize airmen in the Maryland Air National Guard who have distinguished themselves as leaders amongst their peers, what a wonderful way to wrap up our year,” said Vogel.

She then recognized the family members in the audience and thanked them for unconditionally supporting the airmen through their journey.

“We ask a lot of our airmen and we know the toll that it takes.”

In her conclusion, she said the 175th Wing will continue to lead the way and act as an example for the Air National Guard.

Air Force Brig. Gen. Paul Johnson, the 175th Wing commander, said that 2017 was one of the wing’s busiest year. At one point, they had airmen deployed to 9 countries at the same time.

All nominees are listed below. Winners are bold.

Airman of the year nominees:

  • Airman First Class (A1C) Ian Gibbons
  • Airman First Class (A1C) Jacob Kline
  • Senior Airman (SrA) Jahde Correa
  • Senior Airman (SrA) Allison Dassing
  • Senior Airman (SrA) Johnathan Pace
  • Senior Airman (SrA) David Welsh

Non-Commissioned (NCO) Officer of the year:

  • Staff sergeant (SSgt) Christopher Battaglia
  • Staff sergeant (SSgt) Michael Szeligowski
  • Technical Sergeant (TSgt) Daniel Abeyta
  • Technical Sergeant (TSgt) Erica Brown
  • Technical Sergeant (TSgt) Gary Goldstein
  • Technical Sergeant (TSgt) Rachel Olstroem
  • Technical Sergeant (TSgt) Rebecca Persuhn
  • Technical Sergeant (TSgt) Jade Zagarella

Senior NCO of the year:

Master Sergeant (MSgt) Jennifer

  • Andrasy
  • Master Sergeant (MSgt) Curtis Pollitt
  • Master Sergeant (MSgt) Ceresa D. Young
  • Master Sergeant (MSgt) Joshua Singer
  • Senior master sergeant (SMSgt) Shane Absher,
  • Senior master sergeant (SMSgt) Lauren Blevins
  • Senior master sergeant (SMSgt) Peter Roque Jr.

First Sergeants of year:

  • Master Sergeant (MSgt) Charles Peacock
  • Senior master sergeant (SMSgt) Ja
  • son Metz

Company Grade Officer of the year:

  • Captain Brandon Krantz,
  • 1st Lieutenant Morgan Wise,
  • Captain Adam Sheffer
  • 1st Lieutenant Nathaniel Horton

Honor Guard of the year:

  • Airman First Class Kyle Davis

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