Sussex Elementary School’s Administrative Secretary Anita Podles and Principal Thomas Bowser receive a check from Essex Holly Neck VFW 2621 Auxiliary board member Jean Braun for needy children.

Last week, Essex Holly Neck VFW 2621 Auxiliary board member, Jean Braun, presented a $1,000 check to Sussex Elementary for children and families who are displaced.

Each month the Essex Holly Neck VFW 2621 Auxiliary members work to make a donation to a group or organization that needs it, according to Braun.

Essex Holly Neck VFW 2621 Auxiliary volunteer and Sussex Elementary’s administrative secretary, Anita Podles had told Braun about the great needs of some of Sussex’s students.

According to Sussex Elementary principal, Thomas Bowser, the children tell their teachers about any difficulties they are experiencing.

“They’re [the teacher] are with them every day, all day and they know them well,” Bowser said. They make sure each child eats breakfast, even on days when there is a two hour delay, he added.

“When there’s a two-hour delay, some kids come in hungry and we make sure they get breakfast,” Podles said.

Bowser said that some children are in need of shoes, clothes, underwear, school supplies, and food.

There are a lot of students, living in a home with two or three other families, Bowser said. “They need us and that’s why we are here.”

“We have shoe drives where kids get to choose a pair they want,” Bowser explained. “There’s nothing better for a kid that needs shoes to have options, rather than having a set pair.”

“Sometimes we find situations where our help isn’t used appropriately. If we know there’s an addiction, for instance, we will buy them food, clothes, and physical items instead of gift cards, which we give some families,” Bowser said. “This is not a social services program.”

“If we can’t get out and buy stuff, we will bring things from home,” Podles said. “It’s nice that the community is getting all this help because these children need it.”

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