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On Friday, October 19, the TEEAM (Technology & Engineering Educators Association of Maryland) announced that Angela Waldrop, an engineering teacher at Eastern Tech, was selected as the High School TEEAM Teacher Excellence award winner for the state of Maryland. Criteria for the award requires an extensive background in Technology and Engineering education and pursuing various on-going professional development opportunities. Creative and innovative use of resources and meeting the needs of a diverse student population are also crucial factors considered in the TEEAM Teacher Excellence award selection process.

Waldrop, a 13 year veteran with BCPS, believes, “the main goals of technology and engineering education are to prepare students to recognize and use various sources of technology, including cutting edge-tools and prepare them to be competitive, global citizens.” Waldrop emphasizes that her global approach to teaching Technology and Engineering education is scaffolded through the “Design Thinking” process, in which students are taught to investigate and innovate based on the needs of a particular person or group of people. Waldrop added, “This branch of education should prepare students to have a positive attitude when problems arise so they may seek out tools and systems to solve such problems.” It is with this dedication to student learning and maintaining a spirit of positive collaboration that has culminated in Waldrop’s success both in the classroom and as MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement) club coordinator at Eastern Tech.

Waldrop will be recognized for her efforts at the TEEAM Teacher Excellence awards dinner in February at the Engineer’s club in Baltimore and will also be considered for a National/State Award at the ITEEA 2019 Conference in Kansas City, Missouri this Spring.

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