Miramar Landing HOA President Purnell Glenn receives a 2016 Community Leader of the Year Award from the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy.

Purnell Glenn, of Middle River, and Buzz and Sandra Stromberger, of Bird River, were recognized at this year’s Gunpowder Valley Conservancy’s 2016 Volunteer Awards Banquet for exemplary contributions to the Clear Creeks Project.

Glenn is the Homeowner’s Association President for the Miramar Landing community, which consists of some 740 single family and townhomes and sits at the intersection of the Back River, Bird River and Middle River watersheds.

For personally contributing over 100 hours of his time to planning, promoting, and championing the Clear Creeks Project at Miramar Landing program, Glenn received a 2016 Community Leader of the Year Award for outstanding contributions to the Clear Creeks Project.

Clear Creeks: Our Water, Our Heritage, Our Pride is a community-based, grant-funded initiative, managed by the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy, that answers residents’ desire for improved water clarity in the creeks, runs and rivers of the Bird River, Middle River and Tidal Gunpowder watersheds.

Since 2013, the Project has been helping residents take simple steps, like planting trees and installing bay-friendly gardens and rain barrels, in order to help prevent stormwater runoff from polluting local waterways and causing problems, like flooding and standing water, on residential and institutional properties.

This year, the Clear Creeks Project expanded its scope beyond just individual homeowners and institutions by launching the Clear Creeks Project at Miramar Landing, a pilot program within the greater Clear Creeks Project that focuses on instituting stormwater remediation and bay-friendly gardening practices on shared, community-held properties.

Clear Creeks Project Manager Peggy Perry credits Glenn’s “critical support” and “vision of a more environmentally-friendly, sustainable community,” as essential to the program’s success. “The Miramar Landing community project was successful mainly due to the outstanding contributions and community leadership from Purnell Glenn,” said Perry.

Glenn said that prior to participation in the program, the Miramar Landing HOA had been discussing ideas for increasing community beautification and environmental awareness. The Clear Creeks program helped them achieve those goals. “We have become really green; we are doing our part,” said Glenn.

On Miramar Landing community property, Project volunteers planted 137 trees and 8,765 square feet of neighborhood gardens filled with bay-friendly native plants that will help support local birds and pollinators. Glenn also worked with Clear Creeks Project partners to make Miramar Landing the first HOA community in Baltimore County to have its community property certified “Bay-Wise” by the Baltimore County Master Gardeners.

Like Glenn, the Strombergers mobilized members of their own community to take actions to help local waterways. The couple contributed some 58 hours hosting Clear Creeks garden workshops for their Bird River Beach community. They assisted at Project events and helped promote bay-friendly practices to their fellow parishioners at St. Matthews Church in Bowleys Quarters. For their efforts, the Strombergers received a Certificate of Appreciation for Community Leadership Award.

To learn more about the Clear Creeks Project, visit the Project website at

The Clear Creeks Project is made possible through funding from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation; Chesapeake Bay Trust; Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability; Baltimore Gas and Electric; Gunpowder Valley Conservancy; and Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund, administered by Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

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