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Stacia Evans (middle), a Navy veteran who lives in Dundalk, has a new roof on her home courtesy of Superior Restoration and Design. Keith Randlett (left) owns the Perry Hall-based company. Superior Restoration and Design has started their “Cover a Vet” program, which is an initiative to give back to disabled veterans. Marketing coordinator Lauren Cosca (right) is also pictured in the photo.

PERRY HALL— A Perry Hall-based company has introduced its new “Cover a Vet” program, and a Navy veteran in Dundalk is the first recipient.

Stacia Evans, who lives on Kavanaugh Road, received a new roof from Superior Design and Restoration, a full-service general contractor specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial roofing, siding, gutters and insulation solutions. The family-owned and operated business is located in northeast Baltimore County.

Evans was a hospital corpsman with the Navy for nine-and-a-half years. She currently lives in Dundalk and has a job with the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs. She had a day off from work on Oct. 25, and spent the day watching a small work crew put a new roof on her home.

“I received a phone call, and it was a number I didn’t recognize so I let it go to voicemail,” Evans said. “I called them back, and a young lady said ‘Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m with Superior Restoration and Design. You’ve been nominated for a new roof.’ To be honest, at first I thought it was a scam.”

But it was not a scam. Instead, it’s a new program started by the company’s owner, Keith Randlett. He said he started the program because he wants to give back to disabled veterans. Randlett pays for the service out-of-pocket.

“We’ve been in the roofing business since 2012,” Randlett said.

“The business has done really well, and we’ve always felt the need to give back to the community. We’re patriots, not just myself but our entire team. We feel strongly about the service men and women in our country. We’d like to just give something back to them in some small way.”

Lauren Cosca, marketing coordinator at Superior Restoration and Design, said the company promoted the program on social media and spread the word for people to nominate veterans. Cosca said the only criteria is that the person has to be a disabled veteran. Evans told the company she has hearing loss, Cosca said.

“We’re going to try to do this twice a year,” Cosca said. “This is the first time we’ve ever done it, so we’re still learning, but we’re going to be able to go ahead and do another one hopefully in the spring or next fall.”

Cosca said nominations are sent through the company’s customer service email. The nominations are given to Randlett. He and other representatives visited those who were nominated, and it was determined that Evans was the most in need or repairs.

“We just figured she also gives back, and she’s connected to the community in so many ways besides just being a veteran, that she was the best person to do this for,” Cosca said. “She’s just such a nice lady, too, as well on top of all that that we wanted to be able to put a roof over her head, and her dog’s head as well.”

The crew showed up early that morning and went to work. They finished just before 5 p.m. that evening.

Randlett said his father served in the military, and he has other people in his family who also served. That has fueled his desire to give back to disabled veterans.

“We try to find ways to give back to the public and people that are in need or deserving,” Randlett said. “This is just a project that we feel passionate about.”

Randlett said the planning stage for this campaign began around six months ago. After all the planning and fielding nominees, they decided on Evans, the project was implemented for its first recipient a little over three weeks before Veterans Day. That time is coincidental, Randlett said.

“The fall is traditionally a good time to do new roofing,” Randlett said. “It’s not too hot. This is a good time of year.”

Randlett said the company absorbs 100 percent of the cost for both labor and material. He isn’t seeking any help from distributors, he said.

Nominations for the program can be sent by email at customerservice@superior

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