My office continues to hear from many of you regarding unacceptable mail service. Your complaints have not fallen on deaf ears. Although USPS is an independent agency under the Executive Branch – it receives no tax dollars and Congress has no jurisdiction – I have done everything I can to restore mail delivery to the level my constituents expect and deserve.

I have made surprise visits to post offices throughout the district, engaged in biweekly calls with local USPS leadership, held press conferences, and demanded the resignation of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Recently, I requested an independent audit from the USPS Office of the Inspector General of the worst post offices in my District: Dundalk, Essex, Loch Raven, Middle River, Parkville and Rosedale. Last month, auditors completed a thorough review that found mail service standards in our area are significantly below national averages. In fact, we have the second highest number of missing mail inquiries in the country, with more than three times the national average. Among other key findings:

Four of seven product categories never met their service target during the 92-week audit period;

Although management blamed delays on staffing shortages exacerbated by COVID-19 leave, issues pre-dated the pandemic;

Management is not reporting delayed mail accurately – on some days, local branches weren’t reporting any delayed mail at all;

42 percent of packages sampled were improperly scanned, which means customers can’t track their packages.

None of this is surprising, but I requested the audit to get the facts needed to implement real change. Local USPS leadership has concurred with each of the audit’s findings and have promised corrective plans on each of seven specific recommendations. I’ve already reached out to them seeking a status update on implementation.

Meanwhile, a separate audit initiated by the Inspector General of the Processing and Distribution Center in downtown Baltimore remains underway and we should soon have even more recommendations to fix widespread issues.

President Biden has also confirmed that he will not reappoint Ron Bloom and John Barger to the USPS Board of Governors. I believe this will prove a critical step toward holding Postmaster DeJoy accountable for the deterioration of service that has occurred under his watch.

Please know I will not let up my efforts, especially as we approach the holidays. I am hopeful that the right steps are being taken to improve the USPS both at the national level and here in Maryland.

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