PERRY HALL — Repairs and improvements have recently been made to three of Perry Hall’s parks, announced Baltimore County Councilman David Marks, who helped the council prioritize funding for them.

“My constituents value open space preservation, and we live in a developing area,” Marks said in an interview. “Not only do these recreational areas preserve open space, but they also provide services for families to use.”

Baltimore County’s Property Management Division, which provides grounds and facilities maintenance for the county, made the improvements financed by contributions from the council’s general fund.

Improvements included a replanting of the main playing area at Perry Hall Park, a repainting of the restrooms at Gough Park, and interior painting and exterior power-washing at Soukup Arena.

Since 2010, five new parks in Perry Hall, including the aforementioned parks along with Angel Park on Honeygo Boulevard.

Marks, who is from Perry Hall, said that he is glad see the county invest in the community’s park system, and he looks forward to developing a new park on the 22-acre Bierman property, which was just taken over by the county.

“Parks are critical to our quality of life, and I am pleased we have made so many improvements to our recreational areas over the past decade,” Marks said.

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The “Improvements” should be regular Maintenance!


Why the big story? The Improvements are items that should be Regular Maintenance!

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