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Logan and Gavin Gracey

PERRY HALL — 11-year-old twin brothers Logan and Gavin Gracey, of Perry Hall, have very different interests and temperaments, and at times, even pick fights with one another. A few months ago, however, they put aside their differences, and decided to help and support each other as student journalists in the Scholastic Kids Press program, which gives kids ages 10-14 the opportunity to cover news in their hometowns and on the national stage.

In the spring, when asked by their mom if they would like to participate, Logan and Gavin said that they thought the program sounded like a neat experience, and agreed to apply for the 2021-22 Scholastic news team.

“I wanted to write about sports and what is happening in the community,” Logan said. “And if I go somewhere cool, I can write about it.”

“I wanted to tell people about the amazing things of Maryland and across the country,” Gavin said.

In September, Logan and Gavin were selected by Scholastic editors based on writing and interviewing skills. During the school year, they, along with 34 other student journalists from around the world, will interview leaders and experts, and write articles on specific topics that matter to them.

“The objective of the program is to show kids that they have a voice and can use critical thinking and interview skills to write a story that will make a difference in the lives of young readers and show them the world through kids’ eyes,” said editor Suzanne McCabe, who will be working with Logan and Gavin.

Logan and Gavin submitted an application that included a typed news article, a typed essay that answered the question, “Why do you want to be a kid reporter?”, and two ideas for a story that they would like to work on.

For Logan’s news article, he wrote about his dad’s and uncle’s experience going to the Opening Day game for the Baltimore Orioles this year. For Gavin’s news article, he wrote about hunting for murals in Baltimore.

Ideas for news stories they want to write vary greatly according to their interests.

Gavin has already written and submitted a draft of his first article for the program, which was about the Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze in Hudson Valley, New York, that he visited a few weeks ago. He emailed a communication representative and a creative team member with questions, in order to quote them in his article.

“I asked about what the site was, why the experience was special and why they work there. I also asked how they carve the pumpkins and keep them from rotting,” Gavin said, adding that, in the months to come, he would like to write more about historic sites and national parks.

Logan’s ideas mostly revolve around sports. He wants to write about Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky, American professional soccer player Christian Pulisic, or Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, who hit a 66-yard game-winning field goal against the Detroit Lions two weeks ago.

“It is impressive to me to see someone dominate their sport,” Logan said, adding that he has pitched the story on Ledecky and is waiting to see if he can connect with her for an interview.

Both Gavin and Logan want to write at least one article a month throughout the school year; they are the only two kid reporters from Maryland, and the first-ever set of twins to participate in the program.

After their respective careers in their desired fields – Logan in soccer and Gavin in fencing – they said they would entertain a future in journalism.

“I look forward to informing others about the things I write about,” Gavin said, the sentiment echoed by his brother Logan.

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