MIDDLE RIVER — Taylor Despeaux and Faith Gale face misdemeanor assault charges in the second degree for an incident that occurred around 8:45 p.m. on Sept. 21 at Icy Delights at Eastern Boulevard, according to Baltimore County Police Department officials. Despeaux was also charged with malicious destruction of property.

All charges stem from a police report that was filed on Sept. 22 by the mother of a 15-year-old employee who said her daughter was assaulted.

Surveillance video, which showed the alleged assailants throwing objects at the employee, went viral about two weeks ago. Icy Delights owner Sharon Gay said that her son, who is her business partner, posted the video on the Facebook page asking for help in identifying the subjects.

“I was shocked and devastated to see someone treat a young employee that way,” Gay said in an interview. “My heart went out to her.”

Charging papers state that Despeaux and Gale ordered two “snowballs,” or desserts made of crushed ice, left the location and returned dissatisfied with their order, and then demanded that the employee make them new snowballs. The subjects received newly made snowballs and then proceeded to walk away from the location.

Moments later, the subjects return angry and demand a refund, and then begin to throw their snowballs and a tip jar at the employee. Right after the employee refunded the money, the subjects fled the scene.

Following the incident, the employee was pretty shaken up, Gay said, and has decided not to work at the snowball stand for the rest of the season. However, she has expressed desire to return to work there next year.

Numerous people from inside and outside the state have messaged the business on Facebook asking how to tip the employee for what she went through that night. In response, Gay said she and her son are considering creating a GoFundMe account for the employee.

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