Dear Editor,

Tractor Trailers on Middle River? Waterfront residents and boaters on Middle River or a tributary have experienced a huge increase in waterway noise over the past 5 years. No, it’s not tractor trailers but it sounds just as irritating. It’s the sound of an increasing number of “muscle” boats that operate with no reasonable mufflers. During the summer, from 10 am Saturday morning to late Sunday afternoon there is an almost constant loud rumble from boaters who do not understand the negative impact they are having on waterfront residents and other boaters. And lately this obnoxious noise has spread to weekday afternoons.

Do we really want our waterways to sound like I-95? Unfortunately the legal limit for boat noise is a whopping 90 decibels. Let’s put that into perspective – According to Purdue University, 90 decibels is 4 times louder than 70 dB. For comparison, the noise you hear 25 feet from I95 is about 76dB. So we allow boats to produce almost 3 times more noise than what you would experience standing next to a freeway! Does this make sense? Taxpayers have spent gazillions of dollars erecting noise barricades along our highways because everyone recognizes the ill effects of high noise levels. Will our elected officials protect us from this outrageous aggression into our environment? If you agree that this must stop, please contact: for the north side of Middle River Cathy Bevins — and for the south side of Middle river contact Todd Crandell —


Douglas Zeisel of Middle River

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