Dear Editor,

This legislative session can not be deemed a success because the legislature refused to deal with the mess they created when they eliminated prescription drug coverage for disabled and elderly (65 or older) state retirees. State Retirees were successful in obtaining an injunction in 2018 to stop the enforcement of this death sentence to our most vulnerable members and yet for the last 3 years the General Assembly has refused to allow a bill to reinstate that coverage. When asked by their constituents why they have not considered any bill to reinstate this benefit, these constituents (who put you in office) are told that the general assembly won’t do anything because the case is in litigation.

Please address the fact that during this litigation, the Maryland General Assembly passed two laws that dealt with prescription drug coverage SB946 in 2019 and HB 607 in 2021 while denying disabled and elderly retirees the benefit they worked for? Please explain why these actions shouldn’t be considered an inhumane way to kill off disabled and elderly state retirees at a stage in their life where they need this coverage the most.


Ken Fitch


United We Matter

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