Dear Editor,

I am a 13-year-old American, and I would like to express my concern over the direction of our country and specifically the leadership of the Biden administration.

I think the current policies regarding the border are horrendous; we appear to be inviting illegal immigrants in without any checking of their background or health status. The Biden administration appears to be transporting these aliens to all parts of the United States without any thought-out plan to address their immigration status. What is happening at the border needs to be classified as a crisis. Illegal immigration is costing this country so much money that we don’t even have. It has cost us billions yearly to cover the healthcare and education of the illegal aliens and this taking away from the resources that should be spent on legal aliens and American citizens. This will only continue into the future because without a plan these immigrants have no legal status and no real way to obtain it. While I am sure many are hardworking people looking for a better life, they can’t just skip the line. We have over a million people legally moving to our country. They follow the rules and wait for their place in line. People who enter illegally cannot be hired legally by any US employer, and so are forced to either be a complete drain on our welfare programs or find illegal work. These aliens are set up to be exploited because the employers know they cannot easily find other work and so can take advantage of them. As the “Border Czar” Vice President Kamala Harris has done a horrible job, she is looking for “root causes’’ rather than building a framework to deal with the issue we have; if the house is on fire, you put it out, you don’t take time to understand why houses burn.

Another area I am concerned about is the crazy spending. We are more than 20 trillion in debt. Under Biden, this is going up rapidly with his expensive bills, like the infrastructure bill being more than one trillion dollars. This is leading to uncontrolled inflation, and this has made many Americans who could barely afford food for their family and are barely surviving paycheck to paycheck become even worse in their current situation. With this, more people are going on government-funded welfare, which does not help the debt situation one bit. The spending bills appear to be just enormous Democratic wish lists and they don’t seem to think about what their reckless spending is doing to the average American.

I think that the mainstream media is contributing to this recklessness. CNN is a main contributor to this. They convey whatever President Biden says. Their radical left agenda is brainwashing Americans to listen to whatever they tell them. CNN refuses to report anything negative about Joe Biden, like his very racist comments he has made in the past. The media is supposed to be independent of the political parties, but they simply are not doing their job.

I want to believe that America can be a great place to grow up. I am concerned that with the current direction it will not be. A nation without borders is not a nation and we can’t continue to spend money we don’t have.

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