Kenwood falls in regional playoffs to Dundalk

Kenwood falls in regional playoffs to Dundalk

Kenwood High School’s football team lost its playoff game against Dundalk by a score of 35-0, ending the season with a 6-5 overall record. Pictured is a Kenwood player running the ball on a kick return.

Coach Derrick Krumholtz commented, “We did not execute, and we did not pick up Dundalk’s blitzes. We had some chances, but we did not capitalize. We made costly mental mistakes at crucial points in the game. Ultimately, that is what led to the loss. Dundalk is a very tough team; they are big and physical, and executed very well. I don’t want to take any credit away from the players. They beat us, but we did not play like I expected us to. The 35-0 score really was not indicative of how tough the game was for three quarters. Dundalk was able to score twice late in the game, which I felt was quite unnecessary. But that’s the way it is. The double-pass trick play to score a touchdown with under a minute left in the game when the team is already up 27-0, I think says a lot about that program.

In reference to the season on the whole, he added, “This was an up-and-down season for us but a very positive one overall. The two goals for us this year were to have a winning record, and to host and win a playoff game. We accomplished both of those things. We improved in every area as the season went on, namely aggressiveness on defense and offensive line play. Most of the defensive starters will return, and we return three of the five starting offensive lineman, so we will be looking to build off those strong points.”

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