Del. Ric Metzgar tested positive for COVID-19 on Nov. 11, the evening after he had held a prayer service honoring veterans at Holly Hill Memorial Gardens in Middle River. Metzgar, who has received two doses of the Moderna vaccine, said that he was “sick as a dog” for over three days, that is, until the morning of Nov. 15, when he felt as though he had “turned the corner.”

As of mid-afternoon on Nov. 15, Metzgar said that he seemed to have broken the fever and did not feel as nauseous, though he still had a headache. During his bout with COVID-19, Metzgar said that he had symptoms similar to the flu, yet his oxygen level was stable.

Had he not been vaccinated, he added, he would probably be on a ventilator.

“I am a proponent of the vaccine, because had I not had it, what would have happened?” he said.

Metzgar, who is 68 years old, added that he is at higher risk of more severe illness, partly because of his age and the fact that he has had heart problems and is diabetic. He thus, out of extra precaution, got monoclonal antibody treatment the night of Nov. 11 and took antibiotics.

“Covid is real and nothing to fool with,” Metzgar said. “I cannot stress enough that if you have symptoms, you need to get tested right away.”

His wife tested positive on Nov. 15 and also got the antibody treatment.

The eve of Veterans Day, Metzgar had begun to feel sick, but he knew he had to lead the service at Holly Hill the following day. Though he was able to stick it out, the more he talked at the service, the sicker he became, he said.

“It was not until that service that it hit me like a railroad train. Boom,” he said.

He hurried home as soon as the service concluded and went straight to bed; he woke up later that afternoon and took a rapid test, which indicated he had COVID-19. He shared the news on Facebook and told everyone who he was in close contact with.

Although he is not certain how he contracted the virus, he said that he had close contact with a pastor who had tested positive earlier in the week.

He will stay at home until Nov. 21 for the rest of the quarantine period, which he said is the hardest part because he will have to miss all of his scheduled events.

“It is breaking my heart,” he said. “If you know me, you know that I like to go to events and be involved.”

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