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This year’s General Assembly session ended on April 9.


The 2018 Maryland General Assembly session ended Monday, and now, local lawmakers are reflecting on what passed and what did not.

For Del. Bob Long (R-6), a main priority was returning money back to the tax payers.

Long referred to an expected state budget surplus, which he attributed to recently-passed federal tax reform legislation.

Law-makers spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get that money back to the tax payers, he added.

“We came up with some legislation that would distribute 80 percent of that money back to the tax payers,” Long said. “That was my number one goal.”

Long co-sponsored multiple bills that were aimed at tax deduction and tax credits for citizens. Co-sponsored bills that passed both houses include HB0203, Reimbursement of Expenses for Community College Certificate and Licenses; HB0296, Subtraction Modification; HB0302, Income Tax Credit, and HB032, Income Tax-Subtraction Modification.

Sen. Johnny Ray Salling (R-6) successfully passed one of his primary sponsored bills, SB0470, Higher Education- Senatorial and Delegate Scholarships. The bill allows senatorial and delegate scholarship funds to be used for certification and licensure programs at community colleges.

Salling also co-sponsored SB0184, Income Tax-Personal Exemptions; SB0286, State-Procurement Information Technology; SB0292, Estates-Administration Exemption, and SB0318, Income Tax-Standard Deduction, which were also passed.

Del. Robin Grammer co-sponsored several bills that passed the legislature, including HB1137, Natural Resources-Fisheries; HB1215, Nursing Hones-Partial Payments for Services Provided; HB1342, State Government-Discrimination and Harassment, and HB1483, Duties of a Guardian of the Person-Visitation.

Long, Grammer and Del. Ric Metzgar (R-6), all co-sponsored HB0001, Rape Survivor Family Protection Act, which was approved by Gov. Larry Hogan.

Metzgar also co-sponsored HB0371, Emergency Medical Services-Emergency Medical Services Board; HB1137, Natural Resources-Fisheries; HB1215, Nursing Hones-Partial Payments for Services Provided; HB1349, Pharmacy Benefits Managers-Revisions, and HB1437, Public Health, Emergency Use Auto-Injectable Epinephrine Program at Institutions of Higher Education, with successful passage.

A Perfect Caucus Attendance Award was presented to Metzgar for perfect attendance at this year’s General Assembly session.

For more on the end of the 2018 session, continue to follow the Avenue News.

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