Bowleys Quarters resident and Republican Allen Robertson is vying for the District 6 Baltimore County Council seat saying that he is “running for the people.”

Robertson was one of the founding members of the Bowleys Quarters Community Association, formerly acting as its president and now serving as vice president, which he said is only part of his decades worth of community service.

In these years, he said he has seen innumerable examples of politicians giving beneficial treatment to large-scale developers that often do not abide by the County codes and environmental regulations. He has seen see how the current government can “interpret and manipulate and customize laws for developers” and has experienced first hand how these have affected quality-of-life issues and the environment.

“I had no aspiration to ever run for the government. I reached a point where enough was enough and I can’t keep expecting other people to do this, if I’m not willing to do this myself,” he said.

Robertson currently works as investment representative but said that, if elected, he would devote his full-time hours to the County Council.

As a councilperson, he would advocate eliminating the P.U.D. process along with the variance of standards codes. He would also push for better compliance with environmental laws and policies and the protection the rural land outside of the Urban Rural Demarcation Line (URDL).

“It has been butchered so badly that it just need elimination and we need to rewrite code that will actually be followed. What the good in having laws if you don’t hold people accountable to them?”

Along with this, he said that density needs to be reduced in order to create more open space and that a ethics review process that is independent of the County needs to be implemented. To reduce the negative impact of overdevelopment, he believes that additional businesses and community resources can be supported by encouraging the updating of aging neighborhoods, discontinuing sprawl development, and prioritizing the improvement of community and neighborhood infrastructure.

“People need to start thinking conceptually and they need to be smart. The people we have haven’t been doing that.”

Robertson said he is working on behalf of the people and will not be beholden to the whims of developers or those financially backing them. He rallied against voting lawyers or their “figureheads” into political positions because they make and support laws while acting in their own best interest, not the community’s best interest.

“We need people on the Council, not developers, not people who are supported by developers,” he said. “I can’t imagine any developer giving me two cents ever.”

Robertson stresses that his candidacy is more than about him, it’s about community members taking charge. He hopes to inspire other “citizen-friendly” candidates to join the political process and work to gain a majority in the County Council.

While a part of the community association, he said he helped unite 140 community associations across the County to create the Community Association Network. Robertson said that through C.A.N., these groups could freely discuss and solve issues amongst themselves while using their combined power to fight against developers.

He hopes to implement a similar organization across District 6 called the “Office of Community Associations.”

“The politicians want us divided into small groups because they can beat a small group. It’s the big picture we want people to see, not just what’s happening in their area. We’re all together in this.”

Robertson will be running against several other Republicans during the primary, including business owner Deb Sullivan, former Ehrlich Administration official Ryan Nawrocki, former IT business analyst Erik Lofstad, and Parkville resident Glen Geelhaar.

As for what sets him apart in the crowded field, Robertson said he is the most experienced and most well-versed about County laws and codes.

For more information on Robertson and his campaign, visit

The Republican Primary Election is Tuesday, June 26, 2018 and the General Election is Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018.

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